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Let me lead you through an amazing journey over the most fantastic years of philosophy, the development of Scientology book after book, from 1950 to 1956.

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Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health[edit | edit source]

In may 1950 Ronald released the book Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health. By this date the concept was already in spread knowledge and use in the form of bulletins and articles released to a lesser scale.

Later known as Book One, tells you to erase aberration by running engrams. An engram is a moment in which a person suffered was struck with pain. These were said to be the cause of all troubles of every kind. You locate an engram, and run it until it erases; you would put special emphasis on prenatal engrams, birth, and early age engrams. Doing this, all sorts of mental errors, and psychosomatic illnesses -about 70% of all- would disappear, leaving space to a happy and healthy human being, seeking for the good of himself and the four dynamics, with a great energy and a very high level of intelligence -say, an IQ of 120 or above-. This would be a Clear, a goal that was for some years left aside but later resurrected and still offered as a product of Scientology.

Science of Survival[edit | edit source]

Finding some time in the really busy years posterior to the release of Book One, Ronald gifted the world with the jewel of Science of Survival, which came out in 1951. Just as Book One, Science of Survival is written in a fantastic free format, stream of concioussness style that I find it, magnificent. Science of Survival is an achievement itself, a peak of intuition, logic, and observation of details and generalities.

Introduced the Theta-MEST theory: the force of life would put ordern and conquer the physical universe by reaching and withdrawing, they both feedback each other everytime. Also, explained living beings as a combination of the force of life and the pyhsical universe, a living being, like a cat, is not life force nor physical universe (matter, energy, space and time), but a product of the two. Hubbard designed it with the word lambda, a greek letter.

On the techniques side, Science of Survival presented lock scanning and straight memory. In straight memory you would seek to disconnect an aberration by recalling the exact moment it began. In lock scanning, you go through a sequenceof incidents containing undesirable emotion, at the speed you are the most comfortable with, and clean up the emotion in the process, giving you command over the newly released emotion that was stuck in those past moments.

Both of this techniques are suited to apply on oneself, unlike engram running, which you had to had run by someone else, doing it yourself, was harmful.

Science of Survival 1st edition cover.jpg

Self Analysis[edit | edit source]

Complimentary for this book, Ronald released the do-it-yourself Self Analyis. Besides presenting a brilliant theory of life as a gradient scale of all-brightness to dead, it contains a series of lists of things you would recall, by doing it, you would release charge and get brightness in turn. It can also disconnect malfunctionings. The technology in Self-Analysis is brilliant and applicable to any person. Both run on oneself or on another person, is a great technique to apply. It also increases memory and gives you confidence in yourself, by letting you know you can remember something and not get hurt.

Advanced Procedures and Axioms[edit | edit source]

Later in the same year, Advanced Procedure and Axioms was published, presented the really brilliant theory of Thought, Emotion and Effort, outlining the anatomy of the mind, explaining its functioning and giving the keys to solve it.

It was found that the individual was ultimately responsible for his experiences and the things he's lived, the origin of things being a postulate, namely, a decision that something is.

Thought would generate emotion and emotion would generate effort, by running efforts with Effort Processing you would un-make the structure of things and later uncover the postulate that originated them. By doing this, little by little, the individual would come into a high state of being and recover his responsibility.

Also, Advanced Procedure and Axioms taught the newly found concept of the Service Facsmile. In short, a service facsimile is a mechanism by which the individual a) explains his failures, thus perpetuating inability, b) makes others wrong and himself right, and c), seeks compassion. Written here was the procedure to find it and erase it. Doing it, you'd have a person able to thrive in new abilities and that has lost the ugly habit of making others wrong. The state of Clear was no longer sought, in turn, you'd seek to make a person who's erased all undesirable habits and that no longer has a service facsimile. This was called a Fifteen, from the fifteen steps, from one to fifteen.

Among the book was also the introduction of the Axioms, yet another brilliant piece of philosophy which was a sequence of truths about the life, the mind and the being that was the basis for all the technology that came later and that explained all the theories and techniques already in existence.

Just as Self-Analyis was a compliment for Science of Survival, Handbook For Preclears came as the do-it-yourself compliment for Advanced Procedure And Axioms, released in 1951 too, it gave fifteen steps to accomplish a really high and never seen before state of being, all of them suited to do on oneself except for Effort Processing.

Besides, it presented the concept of Life Continuum, a mechanism by which a person copies the troubles of a deceased one that he harmed or failed to help. Finding and handling such a mechanism, one could get rid of all the troubles that were copied from another person.

Another notorious thing to say about this book, is that it really emphazises the idea that psychosomatic illnesses are curable, all of them. It encourages the reader to think in terms of producing miracles, instead of only mild gains. A delicious read.

A History of Man[edit | edit source]

Following the really productive year of 1951, in 1952 L. Ronald Hubbard published A History Of Man, daring, it lists some incidents that are commonly found in people, things that happened to most persons somewhere around a track of more than one trillion years.

The incidents described in this book happened either to the thetan, that is the spirit being, or the Genetic Entity, which is like, say, the soul of the body. The Genetic Entity has past lives, goals, and engrams too. One could process the genetic entity, but processing the thetan was encouraged instead.

This book also came to give importance to one's harmful actions, for it was discovered, they were the source of later suffering and all sorts of troubles.

To locate and erase this incidents you would use an E-Meter, an electronic device able to detect mental charges by measuring the electric resistance of the body.

8-80[edit | edit source]

Next came Scientology 8-80. Short but wealth in information, described life as a reflection of life force itself. The more similar something was to life force, the harder it would stick to. Because life force contains all things that hinders the being from being free and able as he is in his native state, you would seek those things stuck in it, that is, aesthetics, having been found as the closest thing to life force there is.

First edition 8-80.jpg

To do this and create an impressive individual you use the technique Black and White: find a white area in or around you, turn it all white. This would blow all sorts of masses, leading you to Clear really easily. This technique is suited to do on oneself, but you must use an E-Meter.

As well as Black and White, Scientology 8-80 taught us Concept Processing, a technique comparable to lock scanning, but better. You would find a concept, like, say "success", focus it, and then process all the things it stirs up to mind. This would find and erase a lot of charge. Black And White was a very heavy technique for many, so you would lighten it up with Concept Processing until the person is ready to Black And White.

All this was already fantastic, and as if it were not enough, months later the world saw Scientology 8-8008. It was all a product of imagination. Reality was nothing but an agreement and the individual was making it all up. He just had forgotten it.

With the all revolutionary Creative Processing you would break the forgotten and solid agreement the individual had with his own troubles and with the pyhsical universe and get him to become powerful by resurrecting his ability to create. Not only you can get to command your own body to the point that you can turn any vitamin toany nutrient you need, make some changes in your body, terminate pregnancy or not getting pregnant at all, but you would made to be able to create your own universe and leave the pyhsical one, even if only to an extent.

Creative Processing was to be used with Postulate Processing. In the past, you needed to find and blow those postulates you made of not having money, or of not have anymore some ability you had. This was no longer necessary, with Postulate Processing you would little by little make all the decisions you wanted and make them real. The world was yours.

The product of Creative Processing was Theta Clear and Theta Clear made Clear. Theta Clear was a person who could be comfortably in or outside his body. He would have command over his mental creations, too, instead of compulsively create unwanted conditions or situations.

There was an emphasis of time this whole timeline. The 1950's engram running would make a Clear in some 150 hours. Black and White would take from 20 to 80. But Creative Processing was faster than ever to produce a result that gurus and religious leaders of the past only got to dream about: four hours where enough to make a Theta Clear in the hands of a skilled practicioner, fifteen was about the longest

Creation of Human Ability[edit | edit source]

After the release of three books in 1952, in 1954 saw the light Creation Of Human Ability, an out of this world book, more literally than figuratively. Would give a path to make a person get out of his body and learn to live and operate without it, travel all around the universe or even outside it.

This was the goal, certainly a high one, to make it, the book presented a series of processes, all valuable by itself, that were capable of making the procesee discover new things, get new perspectives, explore spiritual phenomena.

To do this, one use an all-new style of processing, the repetitive question. You make an answer, or give a command, get an answer, acknoledge it, and then you make the same answer or give the same command again. Within a time, a result is achieved.

COHA lg cover.jpg

To give an example, let's take the laughter remedy. You get a person to start laughing. Then, you get him to continue laughing. At some point, the person would learn he can laugh for no reason.

On the theoretical side, Creation Of Human Ability contains a general presentation to the most important concepts of Scientology as a philosophy itself.

Dianetics 55[edit | edit source]

It's 1955 now and Dianetics 55! is released. With an all bombastic introduction, Ronald explains how communication is the key that holds together all mechanism things, gives coherence to all theories introduced up to this point.

You would resurrect the complete communication of a person to recover his vitality and his awareness of reality on all levels.

To do this you use Objective Processes, seemingly simple but truly powerful, these are used to get a person to live in the present again by getting him to communicate with his enviroment. Objective Processes come in the form of a series of repetitive commands of looking and touching things. As one goes along with it, hypnosis may get stirred up until it runs out, living oneself with a sense of being truly awakened and being present of the first time in many years, even eons.

Dianetics 55! also takes the time to lenghtly talk about ARC, a concept first introduced in Science of Survival; ARC is named after the component parts of the life force: affinity, reality, and communication. They both make understading. Understanding is a quality rather than a quantity, for instance, anger is a form of ARC, love is another.

It includes also the One Shot Clear, a technique aimed to make a Clear in one instant.

Fundamentals of Thought[edit | edit source]

With all those things put in place, in 1956 Hubbard released Fundamentals Of Thought, a presentation of the most important concepts of Scientology, whilst introducing new ones: life is a game. Life is a game and should be fun, a game is composed of freedoms, barriers and objectives.

Havingness is taught here too. Havingness is the relative degree of what a person is willing to experience.

With this book, processes to increase and restore havingness are included, as well as processes about control, a key component to play the game fo life.

Having released all this books, there were still more things to say. More things were discovered in the following years.

One should read and understand all of this books, I jus tried to give you the most important parts of it. I didn't include the Technical Bulletins, a series of collections of texts of philosophy and processes. Relevant most of them.

Pay attention to the Bridge To Total Freedom too, and it's various versions throughout the years.

The word is written, the gift is give it. Learn it, use it, make it yours. There are no limits except the ones you make.

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