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PURPOSE: To broadly disseminate the wins and positive aspects of the subject of Scientology using state-of-the-art Internet technology.
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Our dissemination work to promote Auditors, Scientology, LRH and the Tech is FREE. Maintaining the site is not - we count on your support to keep it going. Thank You!
"Now, when you have to explain all of your motives to somebody, you realize that you really shouldn’t bother. Because if your motives are not visible to them when you don’t intend to hide your motives, then an explanation of your motives are not very likely to do very much to them, because their level of awareness of you already doesn’t exist. Do you see?"
L Ron Hubbard From: Scientology Definitions II - 6 December, 1966 - (quote courtesy of Jonathan Burke)

about[edit | edit source]

There are two pages that give extensive information about the scope and purpose of the Scientolipedia project.

  1. Description
  2. About

Most of the above information was created prior to actually launching the site. Now that the site has been up and running for a while and performing as predicted, see "Stats" section in sidebar, it should be very clear that the concept is not only workable but is achieving it goals and purposes.

Normally a Corporate, Not-For-Profit or Governmental project of this scope would be budgeted for hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop, launch and maintain.

We've launched on a shoestring and need to develop financing. In order to achieve its potential, the project needs a steady stream and growth in funding.

financial support[edit | edit source]

Your financial support is appreciated. It's a very big project requiring significant time and money to achieve the goals and purposes. Please take a few minutes to watch the videos below for an overview of the Scope of this project. It really isn't 'just another website'

Best Regards,

Dave LaCroix

Books, Meters & Lectures[edit source]

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  • New Versions of Scientology Books at
  • Original Versions of Scientology Books at
  • Mk V, Mk VI, Mk VII & Quantum E-Meters from
  • Theta-Meter (available for desktop, laptop, iOS & android devices) Tell them "Scientolipedia" sent you when ordering to receive $10 discount.

legal & continuity planning[edit | edit source] was taken down for a short period of time in 2015 by the CoS and although the site was restored and made secure against future attacks, individuals involved with the site may yet come under personal legal attack.

The interruption of service is a reminder of the need to plan for the continuity of the site's existence in spite of any and all attacks against it. It's also prudent to set up legal and organizational mechanisms to ensure that continuity.

In addition to a legal defense "war chest", things like incorporating to remove individuals from private ownership of the site are needed.

Use the donation button to the right or the contact email for questions or info on how you can help.

growth funding[edit | edit source]

The long-term growth and development of this website/project requires considerable technical expertise. Many of the items needed for full development of the software the site uses will require the services of professional software developers. Things like a new "Skin", full implementation of database search capabilities, multi-language support, and a number of 'graphical user interface' (GUI) enhancements - are a few example areas.

We're setting an immediate goal of $5000 for the beginning funding of these items.

If you have questions or wish to discuss any of the above points, please email us:

Website Expasion Funding Balance Needed
Legal, Upgrades, New Apps $5,000 $4,500

funding[edit | edit source]

Year Target
2023 $15000
H,D,WS* Balance Needed
WS* $14,500

The website hosting, domain fees and web services are being paid on a month-to-month basis.

This is a risky way to maintain an operation and doesn't allow for continuity or emergencies.

*Hosting, Domains, Web Services (e.g. Seedbox and/or Web conferencing software)

Become a Patron[edit | edit source]

Help us 'take it to the next level' - Become a patron button.png

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