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This is where we discuss and share ideas about developing this wiki.
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see also the Project Supporters and Scientolipedia is in Beta pages.


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Flash not supported after 2020516:33, June 14, 2020
SEO issue. Scientolipedia hardly showing up on searches314:15, March 12, 2020
Guidelines for editing personal pages218:24, March 6, 2020
The <nowiki>{{DISQUS}}</nowiki> template122:43, March 3, 2020
Testing liquid Threads on this site201:26, March 3, 2020
SEO Extension – Controlling what search engines use for a specific item/page315:16, May 21, 2018
.PNG file format not working017:56, December 19, 2017
Getting a glossary item to show when mouseover312:27, October 28, 2017
Making a footnote216:49, January 5, 2017
Images - Wiki Commons019:22, December 13, 2016
Template won't work318:03, November 25, 2016
Scientology Books Category015:23, July 2, 2016
Videos - Playing them on this website013:25, May 28, 2016
Images - file formats016:15, March 30, 2016
Images - Sizing015:23, February 27, 2016
Picture now missing on Alan C. Walter biography1217:21, December 4, 2015
Video Calls & Training016:12, November 22, 2015
How to get "category" at end of a page altered when creating an article?415:48, September 16, 2015
Developers Needed - Carreer opportunity116:46, September 14, 2015
Site upgrade314:37, August 5, 2015
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Flash not supported after 2020

I think I have mentioned this but I cannot find it. HOWEVER: I have just gone to Joan de Veulle page (there is something valuable in the interview). When I clicked on the interview to hear it I got some sort of a notice asking me if it was okay to open flash and at the same time telling me that flash will not be supported after 2020 (exact wording forgotten). Are steps being taken to see that MP3 files on the site are available? (This is on Windows 10)

Antony A Phillips (talk)14:19, May 24, 2020

It's working in Firefox but not in Chrome????

Don't know why - will have to investigate...

Dl88008 (talk)15:18, May 24, 2020

It is working on Chrome now but gives me a warning that it would stop at end 2020. I just ran into this link which should help you: .

Antony A Phillips (talk)15:02, May 31, 2020

Thanks - good info!

Dl88008 (talk)12:18, June 1, 2020

The article on Bevan Preece contains a 2 hour MP3 file. It does not work on my computer (Windows 10) and it does not work on the computer of one of those I sent the page link to. I am reduced to copying the MP3 file link and sending it to my list. Unfortunately I do not have the horsepower to correct the Scientolipedia page (I think I do not, at any rate I do not know how to). Can someone handle? It is an important historical interview concerning the split from the "church".

Antony A Phillips (talk)16:33, June 14, 2020

The article on Bevan Preece contains a 2 hour MP3 file. It does not work on my computer (Windows 10) and it does not work on the computer of one of those I sent the page link to. I am reduced to copying the MP3 file link and sending it to my list. Unfortunately I do not have the horsepower to correct the Scientolipedia page (I think I do not, at any rate I do not know how to). Can someone handle? It is an important historical interview concerning the split from the "church".

Antony A Phillips (talk)16:33, June 14, 2020

SEO issue. Scientolipedia hardly showing up on searches

With the search term "scientology wiki" I get 100 hits only on Google. None of them are to this site.
On Yahoo! I get 658,000 hits but no mention of this site among the first 200 hits.
On Yandex I get this site as hit #43.
On Bing I get 2,290,000 hits but no mention of this site among the first 200 hits.
I get 50 hits only on Qwant. None of them are to this site.

Halvor Raknes (talk)19:03, March 10, 2020

Try searching "Yvonne Gilham Jentzsch" - it will come up #1.

Same for many other individuals and topics.

I didn't design the SEO for "Scientology wiki" as that is a very unlikely search term.

That said, SEO is a constant process and I welcome any suggestions on how to improve.

FYI - I've told you that converting to a responsive skin is a high priority - the reason is for aesthetics and ease of use but also for SEO reasons.

Dl88008 (talk)23:58, March 10, 2020

The search engines aren't constricted to locating sites which have had key words added manually the way you are doing. That us merely for tweaking emphasis. To me "Scientology wiki" searches should clearly yield this website at a very high rank. I read your opinion about this being a very unlikely search term with much astonishment.

Halvor Raknes (talk)14:15, March 12, 2020

I added "Scientology Wiki" to the key words on the Home Page.

Feel free to add it to any other pages that have the "SEO Extension" activated on them.

Dl88008 (talk)23:42, March 11, 2020

Guidelines for editing personal pages

Many pages are biographies submitted by the person being presented. These are often written using the first person. This makes me unsure whether or not these can be edited by me. And if so, to what extent? Mere copy-editing? Re-structuring, creating section headers and so forth? Adding material found elsewhere? Antony Phillips has expressed enthusiasm that I am doing editing on his page. Others, however, especially many being not used to the wiki concept of communal responsibility for content might instead be offended.

Should they perhaps all be changed to read using the third person?

Halvor Raknes (talk)19:47, March 5, 2020

The biographies and auditor pages should not be changed to third person.

I would suggest you stick to copy editing if there's typos, misspellings etc.

An area that needs work is the books need summaries / introductions about their contents. The book The Way To Happiness, off the top of my head, also needs to be expanded to include more chapters for example. But almost all of them are lacking introductory summaries.

The streaming service needs to be fixed and managed by someone as a priority.

FYI, this site has articles discussing Scientology and are peoples' opinions or feelings about the subject and the founder rather than historical narratives. I allowed the former as the site was growing because I wanted to encourage participation and was evolving the vision for the site.

I don't want more personal opinions about the tech or LRH, I want the site to be a repository for actual historical testimony - listings of Scientology materials and practitioners - factual in other words, as opposed to opinion.

Dl88008 (talk)14:27, March 6, 2020

Then I shall attempt to adhere to these guidelines to the extent that I shall continue editing this wiki.

Halvor Raknes (talk)18:24, March 6, 2020

The <nowiki>{{DISQUS}}</nowiki> template

Which pages should have the Discus discussions added, i.e. the {{DISQUS}} template at the bottom of the page?

Halvor Raknes (talk)20:25, March 3, 2020

I keep it to as few as possible because the conversations are not stored on our server. I also want to encourage people to use the site's discussion (talk) function.

Dl88008 (talk)22:43, March 3, 2020

Testing liquid Threads on this site

Testing this Liquid Threads extension - based on a report from Halvor Raknesthat it wasn't working.

It's working as it's intended.

Find the "Start a new Discussion" link on any "discussion/Talk" page, or on other pages such as this Help page, where the Liquid Threads extension is used.

Dl88008 (talk)01:19, March 2, 2020

The problem wasn't posting. It was posting with certain links. The Liquid Threads extension (I surmise) simply wouldn't allow me to submit the chunk of text and "code" in that post. I'm most curious why.

Halvor Raknes (talk)18:35, March 2, 2020

Don't know - not enough data to try to debug.

Dl88008 (talk)01:26, March 3, 2020

SEO Extension – Controlling what search engines use for a specific item/page

The SEO (search engine optimization) extension is now installed on the site and available for use. You can get an idea about it here

This allows us to give search engines a 'description', 'keywords' and 'title' for individual pages on the site.

  • The 'description' is what gets displayed beneath search results in google or other search engines.
  • The key words (or phrases) are not displayed but search engines scan pages for these and use them as a basis for when, where and how to list a page in search results.
  • The title can be adjusted if something should be appended to it or if the name should appear differently in searches than it does on the site.

The code is usually put at the bottom of pages and looks like this"

|title=Your page title
|description=Your meta description

Here is the actual code from this page:

|title=Scientolipedia Site Development Forum
|keywords=Scientolipedia,scienntolipedia site development,help scientolipedia,help tell the truth about scientology
|description=The Scientolipedia Site Development Page is a forum where users can get help with and share ideas about developing the Scientolipedia website.

note:- the 'description' must not contain more than 170 characters.

There can be any number of 'key words' (or phrases) but good sense tells us not to go overboard - too many will be ineffective and may send a message to the search engines we are trying to spam them. Use relevant, common sense words or phrases which you think people might enter into a search query when looking for information on the topic of the page. They must be separated by comma's.

I will create more information about this new SEO feature and soon, I hope, it will be incorporated into the forms for pages so it will be a simple process to fill in the fields on the forms and the SEO will be taken care of that way.

To see how this looks embedded in the code, press Ctrl+U. A screen will pop up with the code for this page and you will find the "meta description", "meta keywords" and Title in the top section.

This new capability gives us greater control over the search engines and will increase traffic to the website. Yay!

Dl88008 (talk)00:11, February 20, 2015

Interesting. Seems worth trying to wrap ones wits around.

Antony A Phillips (talk)09:45, February 23, 2015
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 15:47, March 4, 2015

I have just added the following to the Steve Bisbey page (where I was adding a picture). Interesting task - you have to "imagine" the reality of countless searchers! Any comments, reverend Editor ( :-) ) :

|title=Steve Bisbey


|keywords=Bisbey, Bisby, TIR, Traumatic Incident Reduction, PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, handling trauma, prepcheck, unblocking, deblocking, incident reduction

|description=Obituary and short biography of Steve Bisbey, who was a mental health practitioner and author resident in the London Home Counties.

That does not quite duplicate what I wrote - Any one can see what I actually wrote (perhaps only if logged in) by pressing edit for the last section of the page, and then pressing cancel when they have looked.

What does |titlemode=replace do?

Antony A Phillips (talk)09:00, March 4, 2015

More information about this extension here

Dl88008 (talk)21:09, March 15, 2015

.PNG file format not working

Reported and verified error message when trying to upload an image in the .png format.

"Fatal error: Call to undefined function iconv() in /home/dl88008/public_html/w/includes/media/PNGMetadataExtractor.php on line 249"

Workaround is to change image files to .JPG, which works, until the issue with .PNG is fixed.

Will post fix notice here.

Dl88008 (talk)17:56, December 19, 2017

Getting a glossary item to show when mouseover

On the Jack Horner page right at the top I removed apostrofi after ACC. This resulted in the definition of ACC no longer showing up when you put the mouse cursor over it. Is there a handling of this?

Antony A Phillips (talk)15:31, January 5, 2017

No, as far as the computer is concerned, removing the apostrophe changes the word to four letters.

If you want to be syntactically correct AND show the definition - do something like...

"He ran [[ACC]]s..."


"He ran [ ACC's]..."

Which will give either

This "He ran ACCs..."


This "He ran ACC's..."

Dl88008 (talk)15:47, January 5, 2017

OR - you could create a new glossary item for "ACCs" (with the same definition as for "ACC") and the mouse-over will work for when that is used.

Dl88008 (talk)16:04, January 5, 2017

First solution didn't work as it rooted me to the glossary item rather than showing the glossary item when I'm asked over the words. I think I'll work on the other solution tomorrow thank you.

Antony A Phillips (talk)16:57, January 5, 2017

Making a footnote

I've lost the data on how I make a footnote. Can you give me a hint.

Antony A Phillips (talk)15:11, January 5, 2017
Dl88008 (talk)15:26, January 5, 2017

Great, thank you. I made it work on the Jack Horner article.

Antony A Phillips (talk)16:49, January 5, 2017

Images - Wiki Commons

Images on Wikimedia Commons can be displayed on this site without having to upload them to our server.

One simply copies the file name from wikimedia commons with the wiki syntax normally used to display images on a page and it magically appears on our site - as if we had it on our server.

This image at Wikimedia Commons:

[[File:Vervain hummingbird (Mellisuga minima).jpg|200px]]

Becomes this pic here: (with no downloading or uploading necessary) Vervain hummingbird (Mellisuga minima).jpg

Dl88008 (talk)19:22, December 13, 2016

Template won't work

I have made a template at: . I have tested it at: and it doesn't work. Can you see what I've done wrong or failed to do? All best wishes, Antony

Antony A Phillips (talk)14:01, November 24, 2016

It's fixed.

Just add the following to any page you want the template included:

Dl88008 (talk)12:53, November 25, 2016

Also removed the "pre" tag n the template so the links will display where the template is used.

Dl88008 (talk)13:36, November 25, 2016

Many thanks, Antony.

Antony A Phillips (talk)18:03, November 25, 2016

Scientology Books Category

The Scientology Books Category is new and a sub-category of the Library Category

At a future date, when development catches up with our ideas, all of these will be included in a master category called 'Scientology Materials' wherein we will utilize the advanced features of this website's ability to organize the data about the materials via form fields as we do now with other areas such as Auditor pages, Personal Profile pages (biographies), Glossary pages and others.

The Scientology Books Category needs pages created for ALL of the Scientology books. (only about a half a dozen have been created thus far) A digital copy which is downloadable from this website needs to be uploaded along with a picture of the book.

NOTE: the above are the minimal requirements for each page. Each page needs further edits to include a full description of the book, publish date, ISBN number and any other information concerning the book so that anyone coming to the site can readily get a comprehensive description of the book.

NOTE 2: The digital copies have not been verified for accuracy. The project to verify and certify 100% faithful replicas of the original works is a much broader project than this site is able to undertake at this time but we encourage anyone with verified copies to contact us with them so we may replace the ones we have if they are lacking in some regard from the original works of L Ron Hubbard

We appreciate any help you can give on this project.

Dl88008 (talk)15:12, July 2, 2016

Videos - Playing them on this website

The easy way for us to play videos is to use a simple code on a web page so the page will display and play a video from a video service like Youtube, Vimeo etc.

E.g. Vimeo code (a Youtube video would be the same except the name Youtube would replace Vimeo in the code):


The above code identifies the video as coming from Vimeo, its "id"(taken from the url for the video), and it's height and width.

This is a fast and simple way to place videos on pages.

The more difficult way to display a video is when we want to put the video on our own server and play it.

In this case we need to upload the video to our server in Two Different Formats so the video will play on all browsers as well as on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

E.g. A typical video will be in ".wmv" format which needs to be converted to ".mp4" and ".webm" formats. (a 150MB video in .wmv format will typically take 1 1/2 hours each, to convert to the two needed formats.

Each separate formatted video needs to then be uploaded to our server - which can take approx 1/2 hour for a 150MB file.

A "poster" image then needs to be uploaded. This is the image seen on the video screen prior to playing.

A sample of the code we then put on the page:

<HTML5video width="600" height="500" autoplay="false" loop="false" poster="TheFactofClearing_image.PNG">580704 CC-01  THE FACT OF CLEARING</HTML5video>

The above includes the usual height, width parameters as well as the name of the video file and name of the poster to be used.

For a full description of the software used to display videos on our server see:

Summary It is far easier to display videos hosted on outside services like Youtube and Vimeo than it is to host them on our own servers.

In rare cases, where we want to preserve the material to ensure it will always be available, the extra effort is well worth the extra work.

Dl88008 (talk)13:20, May 28, 2016

Images - file formats

If you have trouble uploading an image, try changing the file format.

We recently had someone try uploading an image in the ".tif" format but when we changed the format to ".png" the upload went smooth.

In the above situation the file also had an odd naming scheme with an extra dot "." in it. It was something like "imagename.something.tif". The extra dot "." may have been causing the trouble or the ".tif" format.

The above was also a very large image. (see post re Image sizing)

All the issues were resolved using "Paint.

  • Image resized
  • Image renamed (omitting the extra dot ".") and saving it as a ".png" format.

After which, the images uploaded as smooth as butter.

Post here if any other difficulties.

Dl88008 (talk)16:15, March 30, 2016

Images - Sizing

One suggestion for images is to make them smaller BEFORE uploading.

Cel phones, tablets and cameras often produce a very large image (1500px X 1200px or some such) which will take up the full computer screen if not reduced in size.

Although the website software can order the image to present itself on a page in a smaller size, if a site visitor clicks on the image and goes to the original, they'll be sort of blasted with the gigantic image in its original size.

So why not take a few seconds and resize it before uploading?

It's easy.

I use "Paint" which comes with all Windows operating systems but there are many image handling applications which will do the trick as well.

Right click on the image in your computer > Select "open with" > Paint.

From the top select "Resize" > select 50% (to cut the image down to half its current size) > SAVE AS (give the file a new name if desired)


Now upload the more reasonably sized image to the website.

Dl88008 (talk)15:23, February 27, 2016

Picture now missing on Alan C. Walter biography

The last picture, large one on the left, is now missing (frame still there)

Antony A Phillips (talk)11:39, December 2, 2015

For some unknown (to me) reason, it looks like five files uploaded between November 18 and November 22 did not survive the recent site move.

You can see them here:

Try re-uploading one of them, with the same file name preferably, and see if it then displays correctly on the page. (if you re-upload with a different file name then the page where it's used will have to be edited as well)

It that works, upload the remaining.

Dl88008 (talk)14:11, December 2, 2015

Um! That means I've got to find four pictures and upload them again. Keep me busy! Thanks for info.

Antony A Phillips (talk)15:58, December 2, 2015

The picture is back in place on Alan C.Walter's page. Fairly effortless. Now for the other three.

Antony A Phillips (talk)14:10, December 3, 2015

Problem! With the first one (and I expect the others are the same, they're made by the same photographer at the same time). Warning reads: This file is bigger than the server is configured to allow. and: Maximum file size: 2 MB. Under Windows Explorer it says that the file is – size: 3,51 MB Can you reconfigure the server?

Antony A Phillips (talk)14:43, December 3, 2015

I changed a setting to allow up to 50MB - try it and let me know.

Dl88008 (talk)19:18, December 3, 2015

Video Calls & Training

We have a Skype group set up to use for video calls and training on the software.

Anyone can join, or ask to join, by contacting "dklacroix" on Skype or following this link.

We'll have regular online meetings to help people learn to use the wiki software by demonstrating it through the screen-sharing capabilities of the free Skype service.

Dl88008 (talk)16:12, November 22, 2015

How to get "category" at end of a page altered when creating an article?

Recent article I have put in, have come up as category articles, despite the fact that in the rh upper box I have put them as History of Scientology. At the end of the article in a page wide box, the category of articles appears and I can not see how to alter that.

Antony A Phillips (talk)08:51, May 16, 2015

You don't want to alter that Category at the bottom of the page.

The data structure of mediawiki is primarily built on Categories as you see listed at the bottom of the page. (there can be more tan one)

The "properties" you see in the infoboxes are a different and separate way of organizing data. The full description of this is too complicated to answer here but you can see all the categories and properties from your "admin links" page. (if we do a Skype sometime I can go into more detail)

Dl88008 (talk)13:47, May 16, 2015
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 15:48, September 16, 2015

Maybe time you Skyped. or something.

We have at the end of one article: [[Category:Library]][[Category:Books about Scientology]] But when I actually go and look (as an ordinary citizen) at Books about Scientology, Lo and Behold, there are only two books. Would I be liable to an SP order if I edited the end of All articles about MetaScn books (like the one I have just made) and added in the end: [[Category:Books about Scientology]] ?

PS: This (letter above) does not make sense, because things in square brackets are omitted. What I want to add at the end of those article is square bracket square bracket Category:Books about Scientology end square bracket end square bracket.

Antony A Phillips (talk)12:36, July 4, 2015

The information in the upper right infobox is separate and different from the use of categories...even though it uses the word "category" there. Those infobox "properties" are used to run queries on pages.

e.g. see the auditor listings page where the data from auditor infoboxes are used to print out a variety of different listings based on the various "properties" on auditor pages.

The Categories part of the website are used to organize the data in broad categories. We add pages to categories by adding the wiki markup syntax such as [[Categgory:xyzabc123]] to the bottom of the page.

We'll have a Skype session soon to help clarify if the above is confusing. (likely) lol

Dl88008 (talk)16:53, July 4, 2015

Not confusing, thanks. I will go ahead with the {books ...} category. Thanks. Ant.

Antony A Phillips (talk)19:21, July 5, 2015

Developers Needed - Carreer opportunity

Anyone with experience developing web applications should consider developing for Scientolipedia.


1. Brian Cox developed the iOS App for Scientolipedia as a dissemination tool but ALSO because he wanted to add this skill to his resume and eventually move into app dev for his career. Now we need someone to develop the android version. (Brian is willing to mentor and share with you what he learned from accessing the API for the iOS development)

2. There is a growing need for semantic mediawiki developers by large institutions. (the software this site uses) Look at the article about NASA using it and if you do a little research, you will find this is a growing niche.

We have a number of projects waiting for developers to step in and help bring them off.

The satisfaction you'll experience from knowing you are doing something positive to help disseminate truthful information about the SUBJECT of Scientology, it's people, history and the founder...makes adding a career skill at the same time a very wise choice.

Dl88008 (talk)16:54, September 6, 2015

I have passed this onto a friend who is about to retire. He helped me with the typesetting of IVy and has been working in a local council with their computers. All best wishes, Ant.

Antony A Phillips (talk)16:46, September 14, 2015

Site upgrade

Edited by author.
Last edit: 14:37, August 5, 2015

I'm in the process of upgrading the site software. This involved five major version upgrades (which includes about 8 point releasees each for a total of approx. 40 incremental upgrades) plus a couple dozen software extensions which make the site work. (maps require two extensions for example)

Most functionality has been restored but there are still some issues which I'm working through as quickly as possible. Below is a list of remaining items to fix - they'll get marked as "FIXED" as they're resolved.

Please reply with a note about anything you come across as not working.

  • FIXED facybox notice warning when using edit with form
  • FIXED (did a global find-and-replace of "frame" with "border") ...images with "frame" parameter displaying image as full size rather than specified size (changing it to "framless" instead fixes the sizing but I still need to figure out why the "frame" parameter doesn't work as before so that captions can work as well)
  • FIXED Dl88008 (talk) 09:37, August 5, 2015 (CDT) pop-up glossary not working (mouse over the word "affinity" and you should see the new & improved smaller script displaying below the word rather than above it)
  • FIXED pages loading slow - upgrading the mediawiki software and the semantic mediawiki extension to the lates version haas sped up the site considerably (8-2-2015)
  • FIXED wiki editor warning when using edit with form. (wikieditor disabled in all forms except professional associations - leaving this as exmple for support persons to view)
  • FIXED - Header Tabs not working sitewide
  • FIXEDHeadertabs not working with forms
  • FIXEDauto-complete on category not working in success stories form
  • Arrays not working on new 'group' or 'auditors' forms - maybe others - needs to be checked
  • FIXED "edit with form" tab not showing on "Personal Profiles" pages, only "edit" tab.
  • FIXED (reverted to Vector skin) Flash MP3 not playing on CBR and Bevan Peece pages. Code is there but no show in Foreground skin.
  • FIXED Semantic Glossary broke with error message "Invalid or virtual namespace -1 given" after upgrading MW from 1.24.1 to 1.25.1
  • FIXED (8-2-2015 - server-side upgrade fixed this issue) Instant Commons is not working so that images from wikicommons are not displaying due to their change to https protoccol. (fix is I/P)
  • FIXED Cite extension broken after upgrade to 1.25.1
  • FIXED Dl88008 (talk) 14:47, August 3, 2015 (CDT) Calendar is broken since MW upgrade to 1.25 and will be until I can update Semantic ResultFormats Dl88008 (talk) 12:24, August 3, 2015 (CDT)
Dl88008 (talk)21:04, February 12, 2015

The only thing not working is me - becasue it is lunch time (here in Europe). And I add: Good work - Mr. Nerdy LeCroix.

Antony A Phillips (talk)10:39, February 14, 2015

Been notified today of an update on this - but can't see what the update is :-(

Antony A Phillips (talk)12:02, July 28, 2015

So its all done now except the pop-up thing. Well Done.

Antony A Phillips (talk)08:06, August 3, 2015
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