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Books – Scientology – LRH
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Books – Scientology – LRH

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This page aims to give a summary of books concerning Scientology which were written by the founder of Scientology, L.Ron Hubbard. It is a sister page to the page Books – Scientology – excluding LRH books. The books are in chronological order (with links to the text of most books). This order gives a historical perspective to Ron's books and if you want the books in alphabetical order of title, please go to Category:Scientology Books.

1950[edit | edit source]

Dianetics Evolution of a Science (this was originally issued as the article in Astounding Science Fiction a few weeks before the publication of Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health[[1]].

Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health [[2]].

1951[edit | edit source]

In 1951 L. Ron Hubbard published five books. They are in order of publication:

Science of Survival , published August 1, 1951 [[3]].
Self Analysis, published August 1951 [[4]].
Dianetics The Original Thesis , written in 1948, published 1951
Child Dianetics, published October 1951 [[5]].
Handbook For Preclears, published December 1951 [[6]]

1952[edit | edit source]

Scientology 8-8008 [[7]]

The title page of the book (1956 edition) says it was first published in January 1953. See the above reference.

1953[edit | edit source]

How to Live Though an Executive [[8]]

1956[edit | edit source]

The Fundamentals of Thought[[9]].

The Problems of Work (possibly came out in January 1957) [[10]]

1957[edit | edit source]

About Radiation (co-authored with Farley Spink)[[11]].

1961[edit | edit source]

E Meter Essentials[[12]].

The Book of E Meter Drills (compiled by Mary Sue Hubbard, Forward by L. Ron Hubbard) [[13]].

1965[edit | edit source]

A New Slant on Life [[14]]

1970[edit | edit source]

Scientology 0-8 (compiled by John Sanborn from Scientology basic data) [[15]].

1972[edit | edit source]

Basic Study Manual (compiled from the works of L. Ron Hubbard)[[16]].

1981[edit | edit source]

The Second Dynamic (this is a 400 page compilation of many of the things which L. Ron Hubbard has written or said about the second dynamic (procreation and family) and the copy which our PDF file refers to was not published by a Scientology organisation)[[17]].

The Way To Happiness[[18]].

1982[edit | edit source]

Understanding the E-meter (this is a 145 page hardcover book, profusely illustrated in black-and-white, a compilation and extrapolation of the works of L. Ron Hubbard concerning the e-meter; we don't have a link to the text and pictures at the moment) [[19]].

Books Which Are Compilations of Spoken Material and Shorter Written Material[edit | edit source]

The Blue Volumes[edit | edit source]

L. Ron Hubbard gave about 3000 lectures most of them an hour or more in length. There's been an ongoing task over many years of publishing these in book form. These were formally entitled The Research and Discovery Series but, they, all being bound in blue, are commonly referred to as "The Blue Volumes". Volume 1, covering June 1950 (first printing 1980), is 822 pages including a very comprehensive index. To the best of our knowledge there are now at least 16 volumes to March of 1953. We await more data on this

The Red Volumes[edit | edit source]

L. Ron Hubbard published an enormous amount of written material in shorter form, most notably HCO Bulletins but also Policy Letters, et cetera. Those which were of a technical nature (technical in this context meaning concerned with Scientology auditing, therapy et cetera) and training were mostly published as HCO bulletins and have been compiled into large volumes which are formally called The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology but are commonly called The Red Volumes . Most of The Red Volumes are in chronological order, though two of the first edition concern themselves with a particular series of Bulletins and a comprehensive index of the first eight volumes. The colour red was used in the printing (duplicating/mimeographing) of HCO bulletins which were therefore frequently called (the) "Red on White".

The Green Volumes[edit | edit source]

HCO Policy Letters were always mimeographed/duplicated with green ink on white paper and thus were frequently referred to as "Green on White", so when they were compiled into volumes it is not surprising that they were bound in green and became referred to as the Green Volumes. The production of the Green Volumes began in 1969/1970 and was supervised by Ken Delderfield. It was an enormous task with so many 1 to 10 page Policy Letters to be typed in. Policy Letters were basically concerned with running Scientology organisations, although they had implications outside that sphere, so Ken chose to collect the Policy Letters as they applied to different parts of the standard seven division Scientology Org Board (organisation plan) of that time into a volume for each division, except that they began with a Volume 0 which was concerned with Policy Letters which all staff members "should" be familiar with (369 pages of it). When the job was done and Ron Hubbard saw the results he gave a strong commendation to Ken Delderfield (which he deserved) but remarked that the Red on White should have been done first and that the Red on White should be done in chronological order.

PDF version[edit | edit source]

In 1991 new editions of both the Green and the Red Volumes were issued. These included both more recent issues than in the first edition and additionally certain items which had been in the first edition were omitted. For instance in HCO Bulletin of 22 September 1960, which talks about the First Saint Hill ACC there is a list of the 39 participants (including Antony Phillips, first contributor to this page) in the first edition of the Red Volumes, and that list is completely missing in the second edition.

In the free field (meaning among Scientologists and ex-Scientologists no longer under the control of the Church of Scientology) someone by the name of Naveed Maqbool worked like a devil scanning in the material of both the old and the new Red and Green Volumes and compiled them into one PDF conglomerate whereby you can click your way to any Bulletin or Policy Letter by first getting the appropriate volume up and then searching that. That PDF conglomerate is available for free at the following sites: [data on this is being looked for and an Internet host is wanted –- write to ]. With the appropriate program you can extract one page or more (for example a complete Policy Letter) into a separate PDF file (with a slight blemish) and if wanted turn that PDF into a text file. You can also search the whole set of new and old volumes for a word (such as "Quentin") and get all the references in all the volumes which contain that word.

Tape transcriptions[edit | edit source]

Perhaps a note on the LRH lecture transcriptions which have been issued is relevant here.

In the Church of Scientology there could be up to three different written versions of a tape lecture of L Ron Hubbard's. Though not strictly speaking a transcription, the Blue Volumes contained an edited version of LRH lectures. The other two versions were transcriptions (a transcript being word for word and not edited, intended to be a help in listening to the tape) of the reel to reel lecture (the original lectures were made on reel to reel tape equipment) and transcriptions of the CD versions of the lecture which was sometimes different, in order to make them fit on a standard CD.

After departures by many people from the church (in the 1980s) many tapes were copied onto digital media, and were often accompanied by 7 to 10 different transcripts (in various text file formats). In one set inspected they had not been well proofread. It has been estimated that Ron made approximately 2950 lectures, of which 447 were included in what was called the "Wall of Tapes" on the St Hill Special Briefing Course. In one of these collections of tapes there were 1172 lectures with accompanying transcripts; seven or more transcripts to each lecture and in the collection looked at they appeared to be not (or badly) proofread. It does however show the eagerness of some to get out LRH data despite the suppressiveness of the church..This section is not too relevant to LRH books so at a later date a more appropriate place in Scientolipedia will no doubt be found for it.