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Scientology and L Ron Hubbard books, lectures, course check sheets and packs and videos are available from various download sites. Please add to this so we can have one master list for everyone to access. (create log in and edit the page yourself - it's a wiki)

online resources[edit | edit source]

Books, Meters & Lectures[edit source]

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  • New Versions of Scientology Books at
  • Original Versions of Scientology Books at
  • Mk V, Mk VI, Mk VII & Quantum E-Meters from
  • Theta-Meter (available for desktop, laptop, iOS & android devices) Tell them "Scientolipedia" sent you when ordering to receive $10 discount.

books[edit | edit source]

Scientology Books Free Download[edit | edit source]

A History of Man
A New Slant on Life
All About Radiation
Basic Study Manual
Books – Scientology – LRH
Brainwashing - the book
Child Dianetics
Clear Body Clear Mind
Creation of Human Ability
Dianetics 55
Dianetics Evolution of a Science
Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health

dictionaries[edit | edit source]

Basic book alterations[edit | edit source]

lectures[edit | edit source]

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courses[edit | edit source]

check sheets[edit | edit source]

process lists[edit | edit source]

Grades[edit | edit source]

1970 Grades
1970 Grades Compilation

videos[edit | edit source]

international[edit | edit source]

Note - These resources have not been checked for accuracy against the originals. "caveat emptor".

english[edit | edit source]

french[edit | edit source]

  • deutsch-french- italian-spanish (rar, 6.37 GB) non-english

german[edit | edit source]

  • deutsch-french- italian-spanish (rar, 6.37 GB) non-english

italian[edit | edit source]

  • deutsch-french- italian-spanish (rar, 6.37 GB) non-english

spanish[edit | edit source]