Creation of Human Ability

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Summary[edit | edit source]

Published 1954

Handbook of processing includes "Route 1" and "Route 2" routines.

"From three feet behind your head to a Grand Tour of the Universe, revealed within are the mysteries of exteriorization and the step-by-step route to native state ability as a thetan exterior.

Having already mapped the unlimited potentials of a thetan in Scientology 8-8008, here is the culmination of Mr. Hubbard’s next year of intensive research and development—working with auditor after auditor, preclear after preclear and delivering no less than 500 lectures—to make those potentials a reality.

What resulted were no less than the Axioms of Scientology and auditing processes drawn from the very fabric of those revelations. Here, then, is the panoramic view of Scientology complete:

  1. The Auditor’s Code, Code of Honor and Code of a Scientologist
  2. A Summary of Scientology and the Axioms
  3. Intensive Procedure and the famed processes of Route 1 and Route 2—processes that literally make and break communication with the physical universe to undo Man’s inverted belief that mechanics are superior to one’s own considerations
  4. And finally, the means to fully rehabilitate a being’s innate abilities…as a thetan exterior."[1]

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