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"At times some will forget or choose to ignore the fact that the auditor is not just another fellow or a guy who works in Scientology.
An auditor is a highly trained specialist, no matter what level of auditor. He or she is the only one who can give man the truth, that man knows.
An auditor is to be respected. An auditor is very important in clearing this planet, and this universe. It's a big job and the auditor will do it. All auditors are appreciated." L Ron Hubbard

There are a number of Professional Associations in Scientology.

Each caters to the needs of their member auditors, groups and mission people in order to help them maintain standards, cultivate training and continuous learning, share best practices for field activities and generally give support in many different ways.

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The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists Inc[edit | edit source]

APIS Logo.jpg

"The The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists (APIS) is a professional body of individuals, auditors and groups who believe they should be free to practice the original philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard..." ...MORE]

Italia APIS[edit | edit source]

Benvenuti nella succursale italiana dell’Associazione Professionale degli Scientologist Indipendenti (APIS). Questo ramo dell’APIS è fondato in Italia ed è stato istituito per fornire un servizio alla popolazione italiana.

L’APIS è registrata come l’International Freezone Association Inc. nel Delaware, USA, come associazione non a scopo di lucro e opera col nome di Associazione Professionale degli Scientologist Indipendenti (APIS)...Altre

FANZA[edit | edit source]

The Freezone Association of Australia & New Zealand or FANZA as it is called, is the Australian and New Zealand branch of the Association of Professional Independent Scientologists (APIS)...MORE

Religious Liberty League[edit | edit source]

Religous Liberty League logo.png
  • To promote adherence to the principles of respect, tolerance and inclusion for Scientology, Scientologists and founder L. Ron Hubbard.
  • To draw a distinction in the minds of the general public between the “churches” of Scientology, which are currently the alter ego of David Miscavige, and the “religion” or philosophy of Scientology.


Ron's Org Committee[edit | edit source]

link= Ron's Org Committee

The association is a union of representatives of the world-wide network of Ron's Orgs. (...)

The goal of the association is to assist the expansion of Scientology and the clearing of the planet.

The purposes of the ROC are:...Ron's Org Committee...MORE

Milestone Two[edit | edit source]


Milestone 2 ( is a Scientology on-line membership community. Its activities are carried out across the planet and it has no fixed location. Access to the Milestone 2 fraternity, support, services, library, groups and forums, is through membership only. More

Association of Free Scientologists Israel[edit | edit source]

Association of Free Scientologists Israel

We are the “Association of Free Scientologists Israel.” (Association registered in Israel, number 580573376.)

This association was formed by myself, Tsipi Andersen, and my fellow independent Scientologists in Israel. Our goal is to ensure Ron Hubbard’s Tech remains standard and available to all. We intend to make it possible for every person to reach the State of OT without interruptions, smoothly and with great wins. For AFSI’s goals, ...MORE.

Scientology Muster[edit | edit source]

Lrh family 2.jpeg

Purpose: To generate new Scientologists and to have a place to bring friends that are old and new Scietologists to meet communicate and find places to further their progress up the bridge. To grow Scientology by getting the word out to the planet, and therefore build our field auditors and missions! MORE