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Mark Shreffler
Nationality US
Case Level New OT-5

I just got a request for a brief bullet-point bio, so here it is!

After graduating from University with a BUS I went to India and lived in a remote village for a couple of years, which was a pretty radical shift from the track I had been on. After 5 years in Military school I was on track for a military career, but an incident one weekend changed my mind completely! So there I was, soon after, in an Indian village in Rajasthan.

After that incredible experience I lived in Paris for awhile. On a visit to family in New Mexico I came upon the Dianetics book and read the first 40 pages. Those pages tied together so many experiences I had recently had in India and made sense out of so many things that I was completely smitten with this book. I started delivering book 1 around the campus in Albuquerque until someone told me, “You need to stay away from those guys. All they want is your money!” What GUYS? He said there was a center up on Menaul Street and I said thank you and went there immediately.

Longer story short, I did the comm course and then was compelled to return to Paris so asked where there was an English-speaking center in or near Paris.

Longer story short, I was on staff in London before my jet lag had worn out. I spent the next twelve years on staff in different parts of the world, and since then have been working all over the planet introducing people, primarily executives of a wide variety, to the genius of this miraculous technology.

Those are my bullet points!



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