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Exercise One[edit | edit source]

Look and Act Younger:

Sitting somewhere near the center of a room, close your eyes and "contact" the two upper corners of the room behind you.

Then, holding those corners, sit still and don't think. Remain interested only in those two corners.

You can do this for two minutes (minimum) or two hours, always with benefit. No matter what happens, simply hold the corners and don't think.

You can do this daily. It will make you look and act younger.

Exercise Two[edit | edit source]

Feel Freer:

Pick out two similar objects. Then find as many differences between them as possible.

Now pick out two objects and see where they are in relation to each other and your body.

Use these two steps over and over. You will feel freer and see better.

Exercise Three[edit | edit source]

Better your memory:

Go over this list many times, each time answering its questions.

"Recall a time which really seems real to you."

"Recall a time when you were in good communication with someone."

"Recall a time when you agreed to something."

"Recall a time when somebody disagreed with you."

"Recall a time when you liked somebody."

"Recall a time when someone agreed with you."

"Recall a time when someone was communicating easily to you."

"Recall a time when somebody liked you."

Use this list many times. If "holding corners" (Exercise One) disturbed you, use this list.

If you are tired or confused, use it.

These exercises can be done for hours.

Volunteer Ministers Handbook by L. Ron Hubbard

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