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Published in 1975, this is a compilation of modern Dianetics as it had been developed, and radically improved, since its first introduction to the world in 1948. (1950 was the broad publication of the basic handbook Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health)

Dianetics as of 1975 was yet to be further improved in 1978 with the release of New Era Dianetics (NED), but this handbook composes the vast bulk of the very mature technologies of Dianetics as recommended and used today.

NED refined some important aspect of the procedures: the "end phenomena" was expanded to include 'postulate off' - tweaked some of the commands used - added a more precise way in which auditors collect (asses) information about the preclear and what to run.

This "Dianetics Today" publication serves to adequately inform and then successfully audit people on Dianetics, train (hat) pc's on what they need to know about "engram running by chains", and give excellent examples of LRH C/S'd sessions.

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