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PURPOSE: To broadly disseminate the wins and positive aspects of the subject of Scientology using state-of-the-art Internet technologyThe methods of application of an art or science as opposed to mere knowledge of the science or art itself. (HCOB 13 Sep 65) ''Abbr.'' tech.
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Our dissemination work to promote Auditors, Scientology, LRHL. Ron Hubbard and the Tech is FREE. Maintaining the site is not - we count on your support to keep it going. Thank You!

We're now offering FREE streaming of ALL of L Ron Hubbard's lectures on multiple platforms.

You can quickly stream any of Ron's lectures you would like to listen to on your Desktop, Android device or iOS device (iPhone/iPad).


To go directly to the new lecture streaming click the large Theta1. theta is thought, life force, elan vital, the spirit, the soul, or any other of the numerous definitions it has had for some thousands of years. (SOS, p. 4)...More Symbol to the right or click on this LINK.

To get instructions if needed click on this LINK.


To listen to the lectures on your Android device click on this LINK.


To listen to the lectures on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad) on this LINK.


Books, Meters & Lectures

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  • Theta-Meter (available for desktop, laptop, iOS & android devices) Tell them "Scientolipedia" sent you when ordering to receive $10 discount.


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