How to Live Though an Executive

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Front of First Edition.

Free Download of 1953 edition.

Free Download of 1989 edition.

The first edition of this book was in 1953.

On page 3 (right-hand page) of the first edition
the following notice appears alone in the middle of the page:

"The manuscript of this book
was prepared by
who helped in the development
of the communication system
herein set forth."

(Richard deMille[[1]] was the adopted son of Cecil B. deMille, a famous film director of the time.) The rest of the first edition is similar to the item we have posted here (1989 edition) up to section 12 "The Credo of a Good and Skilled Manager". It is the same in the 1989 edition linked to above (except that the items are not numbered in the first edition). After that there is a much shorter glossary which ends the first edition.

Front of dust jacket to 1968 edition at the time when all Scientology books had to have on their front pictures connected with our early time track.

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