Ron's Journal 68

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Ron's Journal 68
Name L Ron Hubbard
Period At Sea
Location Mediterranean
Year 1969

Ron's Journal 68 was recorded in January 1969. LRH's annual message to Scientologists has not been published by the Church for decades yet it contains fascinating insights into life on board the ship, geo-political insights, information about the Hubbard family and much more.

Disconnection, Fair Game, Sec Checks[edit | edit source]

Cancelled as of this January 1969 recording by L Ron Hubbard but re instituted by the Miscavige regime years later.

Janis Gillham Grady was there while the recording was being made and discusses why LRH and Mary Sue Hubbard felt they were no longer necessary or desireable

LRH presenting a slide show of his photographs to the crew on the Flagship Apollo