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Scientology Books Category

The Scientology Books Category is new and a sub-category of the Library Category

At a future date, when development catches up with our ideas, all of these will be included in a master category called 'Scientology Materials' wherein we will utilize the advanced features of this website's ability to organize the data about the materials via form fields as we do now with other areas such as Auditor pages, Personal Profile pages (biographies), Glossary pages and others.

The Scientology Books Category needs pages created for ALL of the Scientology books. (only about a half a dozen have been created thus far) A digital copy which is downloadable from this website needs to be uploaded along with a picture of the book.

NOTE: the above are the minimal requirements for each page. Each page needs further edits to include a full description of the book, publish date, ISBN number and any other information concerning the book so that anyone coming to the site can readily get a comprehensive description of the book.

NOTE 2: The digital copies have not been verified for accuracy. The project to verify and certify 100% faithful replicas of the original works is a much broader project than this site is able to undertake at this time but we encourage anyone with verified copies to contact us with them so we may replace the ones we have if they are lacking in some regard from the original works of L Ron Hubbard

We appreciate any help you can give on this project.

Dl88008 (talk)15:12, July 2, 2016