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Scientolipedia is in Beta
Topic Site Development
Author Dave LaCroix
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Announcing - upgrade in the development phase of to "Beta"

The site was launched in an "alpha release stage. i.e. not ready for broad release or in a stable state.

preliminary development[edit | edit source]

The reason for the premature release is explained on the "About Scientolipedia" page but the basic idea was to establish some content, establish domain status with search engines, test the software, recruit people to learn the software and create content for the site and to also act as a 'proof of concept' platform for the needs of the Scientology community.

As of November 2014, we've achieved a sufficient level of the above requirements so we could raise the status for the site development phase and designate it as a "beta release" stage.

The length of this stage is dependent on the full release requirements being met. (below)

full release requirements[edit | edit source]

Specific milestones must be reached in order for the site to be considered in "Full Release" mode. These are listed below.

1. Minimum of five mediawiki admins. (capable of editing and managing the mediawiki software and provide support to the 'user' group)

2. Minimum of one design developer. (CSS, HTML and graphic design expert)

3. New skin (theme) designed and built. (likely candidate is the bootstrap based, Chameleon skin for mediawiki)

4. Minimum of one GUI (graphical user interface) developer to optimize the semantic capabilities of the site.

5. Minimum of one server admin. (Linux server admin capable of maintaining site server(s), domains, software upgrades, backups etc.)

6. Stable revenue stream to support the needs of site development, hosting, hardware, software, professional services, legal and other costs associated with maintaining a web presence.

Note: A project of this scope undertaken in the corporate, governmental or non-profit world would likely be budgeted for a minimum of several hundred thousand dollars.
We've kicked it off on a shoestring but that doesn't mean we're dedicated to prolonging that situation. :-)
See the Project Supporters page for current funding reports and data.
Greek lc beta.png

what to expect[edit | edit source] will continue to expand and you can be assured the functionality will remain stable and consistent.

However, some features may change and be improved, the layout of pages may change, search capabilities will be enhanced and changed, new features will continue to be added as the site matures - in other words, you can expect the software to continue to evolve and change as we work to make this the premier destination for people looking for information about the subject of Scientology.

The biggest differentiator between and ANY other website dealing with Scientology is the fact that any number of people can contribute directly to its content. No other site can do that.

This gives you a unique opportunity to help disseminate the truth' about the subject, it's people, history and the founder.

Please use the comments section below or the email address above to let us know how we're doing or how you'd like to help.

See the Site Development page for more info.

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