Images - file formats

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Images - file formats

If you have trouble uploading an image, try changing the file format.

We recently had someone try uploading an image in the ".tif" format but when we changed the format to ".png" the upload went smooth.

In the above situation the file also had an odd naming scheme with an extra dot "." in it. It was something like "imagename.something.tif". The extra dot "." may have been causing the trouble or the ".tif" format.

The above was also a very large image. (see post re Image sizing)

All the issues were resolved using "Paint.

  • Image resized
  • Image renamed (omitting the extra dot ".") and saving it as a ".png" format.

After which, the images uploaded as smooth as butter.

Post here if any other difficulties.

Dl88008 (talk)16:15, March 30, 2016