Guidelines for editing personal pages

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Guidelines for editing personal pages

Many pages are biographies submitted by the person being presented. These are often written using the first person. This makes me unsure whether or not these can be edited by me. And if so, to what extent? Mere copy-editing? Re-structuring, creating section headers and so forth? Adding material found elsewhere? Antony Phillips has expressed enthusiasm that I am doing editing on his page. Others, however, especially many being not used to the wiki concept of communal responsibility for content might instead be offended.

Should they perhaps all be changed to read using the third person?

Halvor Raknes (talk)19:47, March 5, 2020

The biographies and auditor pages should not be changed to third person.

I would suggest you stick to copy editing if there's typos, misspellings etc.

An area that needs work is the books need summaries / introductions about their contents. The book The Way To Happiness, off the top of my head, also needs to be expanded to include more chapters for example. But almost all of them are lacking introductory summaries.

The streaming service needs to be fixed and managed by someone as a priority.

FYI, this site has articles discussing Scientology and are peoples' opinions or feelings about the subject and the founder rather than historical narratives. I allowed the former as the site was growing because I wanted to encourage participation and was evolving the vision for the site.

I don't want more personal opinions about the tech or LRH, I want the site to be a repository for actual historical testimony - listings of Scientology materials and practitioners - factual in other words, as opposed to opinion.

Dl88008 (talk)14:27, March 6, 2020

Then I shall attempt to adhere to these guidelines to the extent that I shall continue editing this wiki.

Halvor Raknes (talk)18:24, March 6, 2020