How to get "category" at end of a page altered when creating an article?

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The information in the upper right infobox is separate and different from the use of categories...even though it uses the word "category" there. Those infobox "properties" are used to run queries on pages.

e.g. see the auditor listings page where the data from auditor infoboxes are used to print out a variety of different listings based on the various "properties" on auditor pages.

The Categories part of the website are used to organize the data in broad categories. We add pages to categories by adding the wiki markup syntax such as [[Categgory:xyzabc123]] to the bottom of the page.

We'll have a Skype session soon to help clarify if the above is confusing. (likely) lol

Dl88008 (talk)16:53, July 4, 2015

Not confusing, thanks. I will go ahead with the {books ...} category. Thanks. Ant.

Antony A Phillips (talk)19:21, July 5, 2015