Images - Sizing

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Images - Sizing

One suggestion for images is to make them smaller BEFORE uploading.

Cel phones, tablets and cameras often produce a very large image (1500px X 1200px or some such) which will take up the full computer screen if not reduced in size.

Although the website software can order the image to present itself on a page in a smaller size, if a site visitor clicks on the image and goes to the original, they'll be sort of blasted with the gigantic image in its original size.

So why not take a few seconds and resize it before uploading?

It's easy.

I use "Paint" which comes with all Windows operating systems but there are many image handling applications which will do the trick as well.

Right click on the image in your computer > Select "open with" > Paint.

From the top select "Resize" > select 50% (to cut the image down to half its current size) > SAVE AS (give the file a new name if desired)


Now upload the more reasonably sized image to the website.

Dl88008 (talk)15:23, February 27, 2016