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Antony A Phillips
Antony A Phillips
Training Level Class V
Auditing Offered Grades, Life Repair
Country DK
City Copenhagen (Lyngby)
Postal Code DK 2800
Geo 55° 46' 16.65" N, 12° 30' 3.00" E
Social Media I don't use social media
Phone (+45) 45 88 88 69

(+45) 21175090 (mobil)

Skype antonyaphillips
Auditing Results
Year 2015
Auditing Hours 48

This entry deals with what I can offer as an auditor, consultant, mentor[1], or (in the sense Ron originally meant it) chaplain[2]. For data on me as a whole, see under biographies. Antony_Phillips

Background[edit | edit source]

I have over 60 years of experience with Scientology to draw on. My first Scientology certificate, HPA (Hubbard Professional Auditor) from London in 1956 has two seals on it. The first came with the certificate, the second was added a few years later. Ron at that time talked about "seeing how far south we could go", meaning really how bad a case could we handle. He developed at that time something he called "Tone 40" processing, and particularly what were known as CCH 1-4. The extra seal on my certificate says "Validated for Advanced Processes, 1957" and refers to what we call the CCHs. I reckoned I had understood the principles involved and the test came in the 90s, when (thrown out of the "Church") I was auditing privately and rather alone, no Internet then, I was on Fido net. I had audited a fellow rather successfully (whole track three flow engrams, Roman arena incidents). He came to me because his girl friend had a problem. Frequently men's heads would turn into lion's heads for her, and this was accompanied by deep terror. He had tried engram running unsuccessfully, and asked if I would take over the case. In fact it was not a case you would normally handle alone, but I was alone! With some misgivings, I accepted, with the conviction that the CCHs were the only tool I knew appropriate. I had to cope with the woman rather neurotically ringing me up between sessions, and the man also ringing demanding I run engrams. In the first session she collapsed on the sofa as my head had turned into a lion’s head for her, and she experienced terror. I ran her on CCHs 1-4 for 40 hours, and after that (to test whether the "lion's head" situation was handled I ran 7 hours "Book and Bottle" (Opening Procedure by Duplication) on the same day, with only a few short breaks without any "lion's head" problem. I probably would not do that sort of case again, without some support, but the exact methodology should not die, and I am willing to communicate more on the matter privately.

My first training (to HPA) was before grades came out, but I was given (or awarded) a Class V when (as a Saint Hill UK Staff member) I took the upper level of the Briefing Course. In 1980 to 1982 I took two levels of the Briefing Course as it was then, and then the Happiness Rundown (HRD) Course and Internship. The majority of the HRD Course and the internship was concerned with the basics of auditing – very good course and internship.

I have also had other successes. I'll just give one here, verbatim. It is a success story for Scientology as much as for me as auditor:

Succes Story[edit | edit source]

I was in my late thirties when I got the phone call from one of my sisters telling me my father was dead. My reaction to the news was, “Good, the World will be a better place without him”.
Shortly after I became suicidally depressed. And as time went by I began to notice that I was behaving in ways that I remembered my father had. I also remembered my promise to my self, made when I was 16 years old, “that I would kill myself rather than be anything like him”.
After a few months of fighting my depression alone I received Dianetic auditing in Copenhagen. I also took various courses, the only one I remember is the communication course which I have to say is THE ONE that broke my depression. To be fair all the various aspects of what I was doing at that time contributed, the Dianetic auditing was excellent :-)
My Dianetic auditor was KL [full name withheld]. That name is one that I remember with gratitude :-) K left the org shortly after he audited me and I vaguely remember it was not on good terms (I may be mistaken about that). I remember K well, but I do not remember the names of ANY of the other people I met there.
During the period of post-depression euphoria (no exaggeration) I went on to get further (and much more expensive) auditing, but did not get anything worth noting out of it. I regard that as a total waste of time and money. During this time I also volunteered to work in the org running the book store. This contact gave me valuable insight in to what was actually going on, and I got totally disgusted with the whole thing and left.
Shortly after, I met Antony and even though my depression was gone I still had huge life problems caused by my relationship with my father – Yes, he was dead – but the relationship and its effect on me was not.
Antony helped me in many more ways than he realises :-)
We made huge inroads into my “father” problem, paving the way for the eventual resolution that came years later.
My son, probably would not have been conceived without the auditing I got from Antony that helped me overcome the conflicts I had about becoming a father myself.
About my Mother, I was 10 years old when I was placed in an orphanage. After what seemed like an eternity (time is relative, I was there a little under a year, but every day felt like forever) of trying to exist in the Hell that was St. Vincent's Orphanage [Torquay, England], with absolutely no contact with anybody from my family, not even a letter... my father came to visit and told me he would take me out of the orphanage but ONLY IF I PROMISED I WOULD NEVER SPEAK ABOUT OR TRY TO CONTACT MY MOTHER.
I made that promise. And then buried it, deep, where I would not have to look at it.
But even though forgotten, I was bound and gagged by it.
After about 30 years of not being able to contact my mother and not understanding why I could not, auditing with Antony dug up the forgotten promise, I looked at it and eventually laughed at it. The next day I got my mothers address from a relative and wrote her a letter. Shortly after she came to visit me.
Many times we would get in to something that was bothering me deeply, and end by finding it to be hysterically funny and having a good belly laugh about how I could have had a problem with it.
One other thing I must tell about is – During auditing with Antony, I often experienced states of expanded consciousness.
One example. I remember asking for a break so that I could stand out on the balcony and just be with the experience of being all life. I remember it, but cannot process it now with normal consciousness, impossible to describe, but life changing :)

(back to Antony promoting himself)[edit | edit source]

Case wise, I started OT III eleven years before I finished it because NOTs came out (1968-1978). I survived that and some years of audited and solo NOTs that followed. Lots of experience there. Also a vigorous skepticism over the various "case labels" that have been introduced from the beginning of Scientology and the apparent evaluations found in some of the OT levels.

If any thing of what I have said interests you, you are welcome to contact me, just for a friendly chat, more than service. I am semi-retired with an adequate pension, and receiving small bits of money gives me too much admin trouble with the tax authorities θ . Contact me initially by email, but phone, Skype, or personal two way comm can be arranged.

A major purpose here is to offer my services as a Chaplain. The term was introduced into Scientology by Ron when I was on staff at Saint Hill, UK. It was a very nice idea, that when a person was unable to get satisfaction anywhere in a rather large (for that time) org, met losses every where they went, felt "lost" or just need someone to talk to, they could go to the Chaplain and so to speak unburden their souls. And the Chaplain was a person who would listen, and possibly make suggestions to help.

However I looked in vain in the Green Volumes for the very simple explanation I thought Ron gave, and all I found were policy letters with a mass of bureaucracy. But I am not interested in bureaucracy and rules. Just helpful communication.

[Added 2nd Oct 2014] I have just put up a statement of Ron's which describes what I am working for in my relations with those I am auditing and others. Go to

I'll end this with two paragraphs from L. Ron Hubbard’s Fundamentals of Thought, Chapter 6, (1956) 1972 edition:

Freedom exist amongst barriers. A totality of barriers and a totality of freedom alike are no-games conditions. Each is similarly cruel. Each is similarly purposeless.
Great revolutionary movements fail. They promise unlimited freedom. That is the road to failure. Only stupid visionaries chant of endless freedom. Only the afraid and ignorant speak of and insist upon endless barriers.

I wish you a happy, self-fulfilling future (if that is what you would like).

Antony Phillips

P.S. I can understand that if you have been "sold" the goal of Total Freedom, the above quotation from the early Ron may be rather "devastating". Be assured, there are lots of usable and valuable stable data in early Scientology. ARC and deeper study of reality, affinity and communication for example. Also, of course, the theory of stable data and confusion.

Articles made for Scientolipedia[edit | edit source]

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Here is an audio tape interview I made in 1975 with Joan de Veulle, which is also available on the profile I made of her at Joan de Veulle. She was one of the early pioneers of Scientology in England.

Reference[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ [Added 3rd of December 2015] I have just introduced this word, mentor, into the list of services or informal help which I can give. It is a little bit experimental. It will probably also be fairly informal. So it's little bit bordering on the pretentious to call it mentor! If you go to www.Antology.Info you will see a little more of what I have in mind, as well as my progress (or lack of it). The actual link is:
  2. ^ [Added 30th of October 2017] Looking in green OEC volume 5 (page 283 first edition) I find the subject of chaplain is rather mixed up with administrative rules and regulations. Here is a quote from that page which clarifies what I'm talking about which made an impression on me when I first read it. The purpose of the Chaplain isː "To help Ron minister to others, to succor those who have been wronged and to comfort those whose burdens have been too great." It should be made well known to pcs and students that when they cannot elsewhere be heard, they always have recourse to the Chaplain. It is that and nothing else had in mind when I felt that part of what I'm doing in the world at the moment is reflected in what was said there.