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Bill Casey
Birthday January 27, 1936
Deceased Yes
Died on 12. May 2014
Nationality American
Occupation Auditor
Org. Affiliation(s) London Org, St. Hill WW
Spouse(s) Doreen,Hanni
Children Christopher

I got a note from Ken Urquhart recently that Bill Casey had died [written in 2014].

Bill Casey was from the USA and I believe he came to England as a player in a military band. If anyone can confirm this it would be appreciated. He met Scientology and stayed in the UK. He was a familiar figure in London Org, Fitzroy Street, where he joined staff. Later he worked at Saint Hill when I was there in about 1966/7. At that time there were two organisations at Saint Hill; Ken Urquhart and Bill were LRH communicators for the two Orgs.

After I was thrown out of the "Church" in 1983, conferences were held in London for some years which I attended, and when I was there for one of those, I got auditing from Bill at his flat in Hampstead. He had a successful practice there, where he was dealing mostly with people who had not had contact with Scientology and when I was there I had great difficulty in not using the word "Scientology", which was a banned word in that household. His wife, Hanni, was German, and I remember his clientele were somewhat international.

If you have more information on Bill, either let me know, or add it in yourself. Here is what Ken wrote on a Facebook page.

Kenneth Urquhart wrote in Facebook, 16 May 13:19

Billy K, Casey, originally from the USA, also known as Bill, has passed away at his home in London at an advanced body age, from ill-health.
Billy Casey trained at London Org in the 1960's and was on staff there. He later worked at Saint Hill and in its WorldWide Division, becoming LRH Comm WW. Billy served as such with distinction for a couple of years before leaving staff in the late sixties to freelance as an auditor in London.
Billy built up an extensive practice over several decades with a large and loyal following of happy clients. He devoted himself to their spiritual well-being and welfare, and was rewarded not only by their life successes but also by their love and thanks.
Billy found himself with a step-son in his first marriage, and took the boy on as his own, giving the boy his name; he and Christopher Casey, his new son, had a close and mutually-respectfull relationship since -- just as Billy and the boy's mother, Doreen, continued their friendship undiminished by the ending of their marriage. Once a friend of Billy's one was always a friend of Billy's: he knew how to treasure his allegiances. We look forward to renewing our friendships with Billy when he returns to the scene.
In his second marriage, Billy found in Hanni a partner and comrade to match his own gifts of humour, friendship, generosity, loving-kindness, and inner strength. We stand with Hanni in her loss, and know that she will find strength and peace in the solitude that all widows must know; many will keep an eye on her as she meets this challenge, many ready to take her hand should she need to reach out, notwithstanding her courage, in any grieving.