5th London ACC

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5th London ACC
Author Antony A Phillips
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ACC stands for Advanced Clinical Course and ACCs were six week courses which Ron Hubbard held in the 1950s on four continents to improve trained auditors, and do "research". (Jack Horner also ran four or five ACCs.)

The Fifth London ACC was held from the 21st. October 1958 to the 29th November and was the first ACC to be held in London for some years. At the time the London Headquarters was at 37 Fitzroy Street, near Tottenham Court Road. The premises were not large enough to run such a large course, and 7 Fitzroy Street was rented (I believe from the Church of England authorities who owned it). It was a largish house fronting onto the street, and behind that was a large Hall where the ACC co-auditing took place and where Ron lectured.

Each ACC had its speciality, and in this one the great new thing was running engrams by Scientology (meaning by repetitive command). We understood that having found an incident there were four commands which were "What part of that incident could you [confront]/[continue to confront]/[create]/[continue to create]?" However, to my knowledge the confront command was the only one run. I understood that the aim was to find the incident on the person’s track with the most charge. My private thought now in the 21st century is that that was rather a steep gradient! I believe Dick and Jan Halpern, and Nibs Hubbard were the instructors on the course (we had not gone over to supervisors then) and it would have been their job to find the incident to be run on each student.

At the time the then London Org Director of Training, Michael Pernetta wanted to go on the 5th London ACC. I had been instructor on the weekend HPA Course and I was asked to become Director of Training so Michael could go on the ACC. The front building at number 7 Fitzroy Street was fairly large, and the Academy (HPA Course) was moved to the top two floors there. Apparently some participants were going through fairly violent engrams on the ACC, and we heard something of the noise from that. The emphasis was on engrams, and suddenly, after years of being out in the cold, engram running (by the old Dianetic means) came on to the curriculum of the HPA course. One of the HPA Course instructors daily gave a demonstration of pleasure moments. On the HPA course they also ran incidents by the Book One method. There were four or five pairs in one auditing room and once one pc ran an incident where in a certain part of the incident he expereinced a violent shock, dramatised it, and sprang backwards in his auditing chair. The auditor followed him each time, and the pair went round the auditing room past the other auditing pairs during the course of a session.

The 5th London ACC auditing results became the content of the book. See Have You Lived Before This Life. - I think I saw somewhere on the Internet ten to fifteen years ago, that many (supposedly all!) in that book had later stated that it was not past lives they experienced.

Incident running by Scientology – an anecdote[edit | edit source]

Early in 1959 I was run on incident running by Scientology, with, long term, rather curious consequences, so I'll tell it here. As well as there being a staff co-audit, it was possible for staff to buy a 25 hour (one week) intensive, by paying the units of the auditor (and not getting paid themselves). Each staff member's weekly pay was based on the org income, so if the income was low one week, that was a cheap time as the unit was low for a staff member to get an intensive. I did this one week, and Carl Jensen, who had been on the 5th London ACC was my auditor, and we used a large room at 7 Fitzroy Street on the first floor. I do not remember the assessment, but we found an incident 1000 years ago and ran for three or four sessions "What part of that incident could you confront?" It went well, and developed nicely in the manner of a text book engram, running into when I was a ten year old boy in Africa, was out alone, fell asleep and got eaten by a lion and lioness. The thing slowly revealed itself under that one command. The room we audited in had a large fireplace (empty) at one end, and the incident sort of developed on the wall over the fireplace.

But one day it was not there any more. I complained, and moaned and was worried about not being able to see pictures, a complaint I had made since I came into Scientology and discovered one ought to have pictures :-) . My complaint was taken seriously, and Carl was instructed to try various processes for getting one to see pictures, but to no avail. I had an intensive paid for so we spent the last day doing outdoor objective processes, and actually walked from Fitzroy Street to Richmond – quite a journey.

The thing was forgotten and in 1967, after doing the Clearing Course when I was Saint Hill Staff, I went Clear – officially. I had run through the Clearing Course platens three or four times with some difficulty at first, and went through the official clear check of that time (Clear 368 on 17-5-67).

Time went on and in 1969 I got to do OT IV which was an audited level, and for part of it, done in Denmark at the AO which was out in the country at that time, in a place called Abilund. The auditor (Phil Petsonk) had as part of the then OT IV to find and rehab when I went clear. He had to date it. And what he found was not the clear in 1967, but the time in 1959 when I could no longer get "pictures" of my 1000 year old African incident. So supposedly why I did not get pictures was that I had stopped mocking them up! In other words, was clear in 1959 (according to one understanding of clear)!

Perhaps I should be honest and mention that I really don't know what most people mean by clear and certainly I have heard of case supervisors not really being in agreement about whether a specific person was clear or not, causing great distress to the people concerned, they being alternately told they were and were not clear (evaluation, violation of the auditors code). :-)