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Jack Horner
Jack Horner IVy.JPG
Birthday October 10, 1927
Deceased Yes
Died on November 22nd 1989
Nationality American
Biography by:Antony Phillips - Website:http://www.antology.info - Email:ant.phillips@post8.tele.dk

Jack Horner was a good example of early Scientology. He ran ACCs, in 1956 Scientology published his book Summary of Scientology, he was active in England, USA and South Africa, he left Scientology 1965, formed a "splinter" group and gave a series of lectures to the group many of which represent original Scientology.

First meeting with Dianetics[edit | edit source]

Jack achieved a BA in Journalism and did postgraduate work in psychology and education, but was most dissatisfied with what psychology had to offer. He read science fiction magazines, saw Dianetics mentioned and got Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health when it came out, audited three preclears, who responded as predicted in the book. He described his experience as follows:

So being a reader of science fiction since about 1937, I got very interested in this work called Dianetics, and when the book came out I read it. I was taking graduate classes, seminars, and I carried the book with me, and read the book in class for something to do. And so I had the book about two days before I could give anybody a session. I’d hold the book in my lap and say, “Well when I count...”. What do you know, it happened! “Oh, good. Well, now do this, do this, do this”, and then the guy’d come up with something. “What the hell do I do now? Where’s that note?” Worked right out of the book, but the first three people I utilized those rather primitive techniques on responded exactly as they were supposed to, without knowing that’s how they were supposed to respond. And I said, “My god, this is what psychology should have been.” So I got very interested. The idea was that if you could get a person to recover his total experience of a lifetime, get him to have at his available consciousness his total experience from conception to present time, and in his control, you’d have a clear human being. And you did that by having the person methodically find the blocks and unblock them, by re-experiencing the incidents which he wasn’t willing to experience in the first place, until all the pain was gone, at which point it’d just be experience without pain. So he wouldn’t have any data that was unknown to him, and he would have an optimum degree of consciousness and information to work with in order to survive. That was great.
I got so interested that I dropped my graduate work. I talked enough people into paying me in advance for a course, to go back to New Jersey and study on the first course that Ron Hubbard taught there. It was really the first and a half course, [be]cause there were about a half a dozen guys who started a week or so before some of the others of us did. It was a very long course. It was a month long. And it was composed of lectures. If you could get any auditing you got it from wherever you got it from. If you could give any, if you could talk anybody into letting you audit them, you did.
We had long lectures from John Campbell on psychosomatic conditions, and long lectures on attempted abortions and the instruments used to attempt them, because we were quite interested then in running prenatal incidents. That was a big revolutionary idea 21 years ago, in 1950.
Jack Horner book.PNG

The above is taken from a fuller account by Jack in IVy 43 http://articles.ivymag.org/pdf/IVy43.pdf (this link may download the pdf file). There was a relatively big demand for courses, 500 waiting, according to Jack, and Jack was hired as one of several instructors who came out to Los Angeles to help teach the first course in Los Angeles. He was one of the original founders of the California Association of Dianetic Auditors (“C.A.D.A.”) in 1950. At about this time, he says, he invented a process "concept straightwire" which was a repetitive process, and thus the first repetitive question process in Scientology.

England[edit | edit source]

Jack travelled to England and in the late summer of 1951 gave a Congress. He returned later and gave three Advanced Clinical Courses (ACC the highest course in Scientology in the 50s). He was the only person apart from Ron who was allowed to run Advanced Clinical Courses

South Africa[edit | edit source]

Jack travelled to South Africa and ran an HPA course (together with Margaret Scholtz) and an ACC. I have a vague memory of hearing that he made the South African Personality Analysis, which was a version of the OCA (Oxford Capacity Analysis) and APA (American Personality Analysis) tests (the 200 question test widely used in Scientology in the 50s). When he was there his book (which he possibly wrote in England) was published by Scientology under the title Summary of Scientology. He had published it himself under the title Fundamentals of Scientology.

Leaving Scientology[edit | edit source]

From here on to the references at the end this page describes offshoots or splinters of official Scientology which Jack created. For the Scientolipedia page on offshoots see [1].

Jack describes the process of his leaving Scientology as follows (taken from http://articles.ivymag.org/pdf/IVy44.pdf page 5 and 6 - link will download pdf file):

"Scientology, because of its Clear program, was getting a lot of publicity and growing all over the world very rapidly. But it went on a very militaristic and fanatic line. The minute you get on the “only source” and the “only solution”, you get into fanaticism. And they started building a semi-military organization called the “Sea Org”, to keep people in line."
"Now one of the fantastic and yet unfortunate things about Scientology, and the reason why many of us stayed with it for so long, is that Hubbard had discovered so much, and if he didn’t discover it all, he certainly put it together very well. He was so right about so much that if we didn’t see something, we were a little prone to say it was our failure of vision, not his. “He must see things we don’t see” tended to be our rationalization on it. So we’d go along with things we didn’t agree with, because maybe we just didn’t understand them yet."
"And it was the only game in town. By that time, in teaching this subject around the world, I had looked at every imaginable philosophy, spiritualism, type of psychology and so forth, and I didn’t find anything with a better set of generally applicable techniques. So where else was there to go?"
"And I had 15 years of personal contacts tied up in that. It was quite an interesting bridge to burn, to cut myself off from 15 years of worldwide friends, who weren’t allowed to talk to me anymore because I disagreed. Now, that to me was a violation of the whole concept of what we were trying to do in the first place."
"But I eventually discovered that, in cutting myself off from Scientology, I had stopped using my knowledge. The overt act, if any, was on myself. Because I wasn’t sharing all of that understanding that I had gained from the years of work I’d put in. And I was cutting my own throat. So I bandaged my throat and started lecturing again."

From that it looks to me that Jack was very self-determined when he left official Scientology. Nevertheless "The Church" declared him suppressive, and I found one Ethics order on him, dated September 17th 1965.[1]

In 1969 Jack formed a new group, incorporated under the name “Association of International Dianologists,”[2] and began giving lectures on a subject he called “Dianology,” later renamed “Eductivism.” The first public lectures of Dianology and the first professional course in the subject were given in an apartment on Fuller St., Los Angeles, starting in September of 1969.  The first Dianology office was at 1700 Westwood Blvd., starting January 1, 1970 (ground floor only) and one year later a second floor was added. The Los Angeles center moved to an office on the grounds of the Santa Monica Airport in the summer of 1974, where it remained until early 1976, and after that it relocated to several other offices in Westwood and Santa Monica, California.  Also there was a period of about 2 years, from mid-1974 through part of 1976, during which Jack maintained a satellite Eductivism center on Union Street in San Francisco.

The Dianology/Eductivism centers generally had one or more larger spaces for lectures and course room activities, private offices for Jack and usually an assistant functioning as a registrar/director of processing, and a number of private auditing rooms.

The name change from Dianology to Eductivism apparently occurred in January of 1971, based on numbering of his lecture tapes.  (The first lecture given an "EJH" rather than "DJH" designation was titled "Eductivism" and was given on January 9, 1971.)

One feature of the Professional Eductor's Course was that once a student paid for the course, most new technical developments were generally issued to the student at no additional charge, and any student who finished the course would be free to come in and participate in course activities at any time. (This was also the policy in Scientology in the 50's - if you took an ACC, the highest Scientology course, you got all further course, which would probably be retreads, free.)

Official Scientology could not accept Jack's departure, and Jack describes some of the opposition he had and how he developed the subject as follows (again from IVy 44 page 6):

"Then I was informed that the Sea Org had hired some special people on a mission to get me. In the first place, in giving the lectures I started to give, I was sending people to them. I guess it was too much for them to confront. And they wouldn’t leave me alone. During that period a man appeared at our back door in Evanston, Illinois with a bottle of acid in one hand and a gun in another. Also during that same period a man named Otto Roos was sent by L. Ron Hubbard on a mission here to Los Angeles (I was not in Los Angeles, I was in Chicago), to rent a theater, advertise my name in the newspapers, and say I was giving a lecture and then when the people got there, lock them in and chant implant phrases at them."
"They were advertising in the Scientology papers at that time, “If any of you members of the Sea Org see the following people use R2-45”, and they listed some names of people. R2-45 is exteriorization by gun. You know, you take a 45 automatic and blow a hole in somebody’s head, and that gets them exterior. Most people didn’t remember this. Too many newcomers didn’t know, but Hubbard demonstrated this at a congress one time. He demonstrated it with blanks."
"Here’s a subject which is presenting wisdom, and has tremendous amount of validity, tremendous amount of workability, but is also dramatizing insanity. Whatever happened to Hubbard? I didn’t know for sure what had happened to him. The people I knew in Scientology were among the most intelligent people in the world, and how they could go along with that sort of thing was difficult for me to understand."
"Now, why should the good be lost because of the insanity? So I said, “Hubbard must have missed something”. And I started going back over my experience, I dug out all of my books, and I started researching to find out what had Hubbard missed."
"And out of that came what was called Dianology. For years I had kiddingly said, “Someday somebody’s going to start Dianology and Scien-tetics”. I was looking around for a name, and looked in a Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, and there was “Dianology” in the dictionary. So I said, “Well, it’s in the dictionary, we can use it”."
"And also it was close enough. I knew there were thousands of people who’d been trained in Dianetics and Scientology and had their techniques and tools for helping to clear people, but who were dissatisfied or could not go along with Hubbard’s organizations and his no-pay schedule. So why should they go without being able to use their knowledge and share it, too?"
"Okay, so I wrote a book called Dianology, A Better Bridge to Personal Creative Freedom. The last page of Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health said, “For god’s sake, get busy and build a better bridge”. And for years I helped him build his. Finally, I realized it didn’t have to be that one. So I started very quietly out here in Los Angeles around April of 1969 to teach a few people what I knew, and I called it Dianology."
"I didn’t throw away the good that I knew from Dianetics and Scientology, whether developed by Hubbard, or developed by myself, whether developed by Joe Winter or John W Campbell, or John Farrell, or Perry Chapdelaine, or Wing Angell, or Nibs Hubbard, Jr., or anyone of a number of people who contributed heavily and importantly to the subject called Scientology. I took the best of that, and from the axioms that came from Dianology created processes that weren’t in Scientology and Dianetics as well."
"Well, last year [spoken in 1971] they couldn’t have that either. We were getting too successful. First they sent a spy in and he carried a little tape eraser around with him and erased all of the tapes, particularly those having to do with the history of Dianetics and Scientology. We didn’t notice it for a while, until a student started to play a tape and there was nothing on it."
"I threatened to suspend the student that I suspected, and that same night this place was broken into. The door downstairs was broken down. In the office all of the tapes that they could find were stolen, mostly mine, all the lectures I’d made up to that point, plus all the administrative records, mailing lists, so forth, meters, our receipt books for the first six months, a couple of Scientology certificates, and a few other things."
"The only things that were stolen were materials of that kind. No typewriters, or anything important from a thief's point of view. It’s kind of interesting, because later on a guy named Bob Thomas, who was kind of a big wheel in the Scientology organization, came to talk to me and John Mac [McMaster] about possibly getting back into Scientology. And we asked him a couple of questions that he couldn’t have answered unless he’d heard the tapes. He answered the questions."
"They got so uptight that they had a guy waiting out in front of my front porch of my apartment one night and proceeded to pound on my skull, which was kind of an interesting experience. I live in a very nice neighbourhood, but I came home after a night course here one night and as I proceeded to open my front door — John Mac was sitting inside, he was staying with us at the time — some guy came running across the street and I happened to notice, I turned around, there was a fist coming at me. So I got a few body blows before I managed to get the guy off of me. I couldn’t quite catch him. He had a car waiting for him with a driver. It was a lighted doorway and he made no attempt to take anything."
"But kind of the ironic thing was that after I staggered inside about 14 cops showed up because various neighbors called the police and so forth in very short time, and I locked myself in the bathroom and sat down and ran out the incident, using Dianetic techniques to run out what they had just done. I was laughing and crying, you know. I was crying about the fact that people would think I was that bad. Still kind of ironic."

Dianology becomes Eductivism[edit | edit source]

Following these events Jack changed the name of what he did, as he describes here (more from the transcription of the same lecture in IVy 44):

"We haven’t had any particular trouble since, but I decided something, because Scientology was involved in what I considered psychotic activity. They were still locking people up in chain lockers. They were still putting 6 year old kids on bread and water for a week or two at a time aboard that ship. I decided that I did not want to be connected in the public mind in any way with Scientology. And Dianology was a name I had taken because I couldn’t find a better one at the time."
"So we spent a lot of time researching names again and I found a verb in the dictionary which was to “educe”. To educe means to draw out the potential of, or uncover that which is hidden. So from that I coined the word “Eductivism”, which means the practice of bringing out the potential of or uncovering that which is hidden. And the term “eductor”, which means one who helps somebody develop his potential or uncover that which is hidden, and the term “eductee”, meaning one who is doing that. And this name at least is a clearly differentiated name from Scientology and Dianetics."

As a permanent member of the board of directors of C.A.D.A.[3] , Jack was involved in the resurgence of the organization that occurred in the 1980’s, serving as its secretary in 1982, and as its vice-president in 1983. For several years during that period the meetings of C.A.D.A. were held at the Eductivism center, at its final location at 3003 Santa Monica Blvd., in Santa Monica, California. Jack maintained the center in active operation there until his death in 1989. Although some of Jack’s staff and students made an effort to keep Eductivism going after his death the physical location of the center had been closed by early 1991 when a final Eductivism newsletter was issued.  Today (so far as I know), there is no active continuation of an Eductivism group. 

References[edit | edit source]

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  3. ^ C.A.D.A. = Californian Association of Dianetics Auditors. This was formed early in Dianetic history, was probably aimed at field auditors. Research needs to be done into this by someone and an article for Scientolipedia written on it. The only other reference to it in Scientolipedia at the moment is at: http://scientolipedia.org/info/Freezone_San_Francisco .

At http://articles.ivymag.org/pdfs.html you will find transcriptions of about 40 of the about 500 of Jack Horner's Dianology/Eductivism lectures. They are listed under "Horner, Jack" at http://ivymag.org/CompleteContents.html (under author).

Magazine mentions[edit | edit source]

In The Dianetic Auditor's BULLETIN 1950-52 Jack Horner's name appears twice, in 1950 as employed by the Foundation, and in 1951 as one of 100 attending the First Annual conference. (In 1952 the association filed for bankruptcy)


In the Journal of Scientology there is mention of Mary Beth Horner (we don't know if related) running a Child Dianetic centre in Phoenix, and as author of an article "A Dianetic Birth" . There are the following references to Jack Horner:

Issue 1-G Jack Horner is in England teaching a basic course

In Issue 31-GH There is mention of "The Scientology Workbook " compiled by Dr. Jack Horner, and later in that issue is mention of "How to Start a Group" compiled by Jack Horner, H.D.A., D.Scn.

Issue 32-G as a picture of attendees (many) at the Fourth International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists held in Phoenix, Arizona, June 5 through June 8, 1954, It refers to the Congress being repeated by tape in London under the supervision of Jack Horner, D.Scn., in August.

Issue 38-G "Jack Horner reports from London that the following students have graduated successfully from his First London Clinical Unit:" and in a later in another context "one member is in ENGLAND taking the Clinical Course from Dr. Horner,"

39-G in news from London states "Second Clinical Course Starts - The following have been enrolled in Jack Horner's Second Clinical Unit which started on October 18th in London: …"


Ability magazine ran from 1955 to 1967 (192 issues). For a time there were major and minor issues, minor being smaller and going to whole mailing list, major going to members only. Jack is mentioned a number of times there.

His book Summary of Scientology is mentioned in over 45 issues, mostly in book advertisements.

Ability 1 Minor (Abilities came out undated – dates added by the compiler of the searchable Pdf files, this one 1955) : "… Jack Horner, first D. Sen., now in London, is the first to sign the new HASI contract …."

Ability 3 Major (1955): (in a long list headed WHERE THEY ARE ...") HORNER, Jack, D. Scn., I Brunswick House, 83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W 8, (This was the address of the London HASI at the time)

Ability 4 (Major): "Jack Horner is en route South Africa in answer to large demand for training there"

[Issues 7 to 14 are missing from the searchable pdf collection I have]

Ability 25 ( 1956). Jack's name appears under FOREIGN CORRESPONDENTS: - which is repeated in Ability 26 (1956), Ability 27 (1956), Ability 28 (1956), Ability 29 (1956), Ability 30 (1956), Ability 31(1956), Ability 32 (1956),

Ability 34 insert (in a book list): NEW ADDITION TO THE $1.00 ABILITY BOOK SERIES Summary of Scientology by John F. Horner, DD, D.Scn

Ability 35 (1956) advert, repeated in Ability 36 (1956) with slightly less text A NEW BOOK FOR NEW PEOPLE SUMMARY OF SCIENTOLOGY by Jean F. Horner, D. D., D. Scn. An excellent text, designed by the author to introduce the English-speaking reader to the scope and intention of the subject of Scientology. Written in South Africa and published in England by the HAS!. 96 pages. $1.00 (Member's price) From London and Silver Spring [Silver Spring was near Washington DC and handled book orders]

Ability 36 insert: JACK HORNER, author of the new, good introductory book on Scientology, SUMMARY, went right back to South Africa to get some of those Personnel Efficiency Courses going.

Ability 43 (1957): Margaret Scholtz, Johannesburg (you'll remember the Road Show!) writes, "I've just been down to Port Elizabeth finishing off a full time course for Jack (Horner) who sailed on the 22nd, much to all our sorrow. Fine bunch of students - ten new and two retreads ... "

Ability 51 (1957) (caption to one of the pictures from the Freedom Congress, where Trs were demonstrated:) Old Timer Jack Horner (left) struggles to grasp new style from Fred Winkle, coach.

Ability 74 (1958) Three paragraphs (25 lines) entitled MESSAGE TO DIANETIC & SCIENTOLOGY "OLD TIMERS" FROM ONE is signed Jack Horner.

Ability 79 (1958) Jack Horner, D.Scn. is listed in a long list of "The People Who Were There" (possibly on HUBBARD CLEARING SCIENTOLOGIST COURSE") (together with his then wife Melody Horner, HPA)

Ability 81 (1958) At the end of a short article entitled WHAT IS A CLEAR? by Rocky Ball (cleared August 15 AD 8) After the signature Rocky Ball in the next line is: (Jack Horner). [Presumably the real author – I guess this was the step 6 clear time]

Ability 82 (1958) Jack (and Melody) Horner appear in the picture of 20th A.C.C. Students .

Ability 92 (1959) In the list of 21st American ACC Attendees (with Melody Horner).

Ability 95 (1059) as well as the usual book advertisement it is one of the three best sellers.

Ability 145 (January 1963) JACK HORNER - NOW CLEAN HANDS Jack Horner has recently completed all requirements set for his Clean Hands by graduating from Academy DC, thus qualifying him for a Validation Clean Hands Seal on his highest certificate. HCO Information Letter of February 20th, 1962 "Jack Horner" is hereby cancelled.

Ability 146 (February 1963 - This issue announces the raid on the HASI by the FDA) The list includes a list of Franchise holders "fully recommended", with Jack Horner's name amongst them.

Ability 162 (Aug 1964) In a section labelled Congress and lectures the following appeared: The week following the Congress, another large audience gathered in Washington to hear Jack Horner - the first Class Six graduated from Saint Hill and the first returned to U. S. Jack has been making his presence felt and his voice heard in many cities from New York to Los Angeles in the past two months. He has progressed, as a pc, to the point of having 56 GPMs run out and the reality of his case gains is very evident!

In the same issues, under the heading HASI TORONTO TODAY the following appears on Jack: Judging from the planned activities at this HASI outpost for the next few months - starting with lectures by Jack Horner, D.Scn. Class VI, just returned from Saint Hill, on Labor Day weekend and a visit to the area by HCO Continental Secretary, Eleanore Turner - HAS! Canada will be growing rapidly.

On page 23, heading SPECIAL HCS COURSE: Plan now to attend the special advanced HCS course to be taught by Jack Horner, D. Scn .. Class VI, in Washington, D.C. next JANUARY - immediately following the New Year's Congress which will be on January 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 1965 ...... . followed by addresses of three central orgs and three city offices.

Under "Some of the Franchised auditors and centers are" appears: Jack Horner - Chicago - Phone: LOgan 1-9160 (312).

Ability continued to Ability 192 April 1967, but searching for Horner in these last issues provided no result.

[Note that the digital pdf files used for this were not of the highest quality with regard to optic reading – it could happen that the optic reader had misread a letter in "Horner" and therefore that entry would not appear in the search.]

A more complete list of references to Jack will be found at: File:Rough copy of all references found to Jack Horner in three Dianetics.odt