Ray (John Raymond) Kemp

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Ray (John Raymond) Kemp
Birthday May 5, 1927
Died on June 1, 1998
Nationality American
Org. Affiliation(s) none,
Posts none (in Scn Orgs)
Spouse(s) Pam
Children Christopher, Suzanne
Training Level Class VIII

Ray was famous among old-timers for his many contributions, not only to the technology, but to his fellows in mankind.

video[edit | edit source]

"This was actually not the AAC, but one of our Council For Spiritual Integrity LECTURE SERIES events, which featured a number of well-known people from "Scn. history"!...we had a well-attended lecture series at the time and unfortunately I have not been able to locate the videos of the other lectures but they were equally interesting as the Kemps. our videographer was a gentleman named Terry Hayes if anyone knows how to locate him hopefully he has the other videos and I can get in touch with him?"
Ian Robert Waxler, Class VIII

Ray Kemp was in the USA at the very early times of Dianetics. He maintained a communication line with L Ron Hubbard during most of the succeeding time and was pretty active in Scientology.

The following is a page from IVy magazine just after Ray's death.[edit | edit source]

John Raymond Kemp

LTCD R Sea Cadet Corps U .S.N.S.C.C.

May 5, 1927 - June 1, 1998

Dear Antony,

Thanks for your condolences. Nothing can replace such a loss — Raymond was unique.

I am sending you the Memorial Service programme. He had a full military memorial.

We had over 150 cards and some 200 emails from all over the world.

He touched the heart and souls of many.

He was buried at sea by the US Coast Guard who gave him a 21 gun salute and TAPS [ceremonial bugle or drum signal, Ed.].

A miracle happened right after TAPS — forty dolphins swam toward the boat and danced and jumped and talked to us — a wonderful uplifting experience for all and of course we all (including the captain) knew Raymond was producing his magical effects one more time.

I’ll miss him for ever. He was the love of my life and vice versa. I wish everyone could have a love like ours.

Love, Pam (Kemp)

By the way, Raymond was in charge of a 32 foot cutter and 12 crew at the age of fifteen and a half in the [British] Royal Navy and was buried by a 210 foot cutter with all British engines and screws, etc. The captain was extremely proud to be of service for this.


Easter Parade of life (from Memorial Service programme)
At 13 years old Raymond became an illusionist and was awarded an associate membership of the Inner Magic Circle.

At 15 years old he entered the Royal Navy and studied Psychology and obtained his Master degree at the Netherlands Institute, a Ph.D. in Humanities, Southern Calif. Institute, a Freudian Psychoanalyst degree, and a Dr. of Divinity. He was in the Royal Navy for 12 years.

Raymond served under Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatton, and was a WWII veteran.

Raymond coached the British Olympic Pentathlon Team in 1957.

He became a women’s and men’s fashion designer, owned 3 shops, and had a manufacturing company.

He was an illusionist and entertainer.

He was responsible for the creation of the Oxford Capacity Analysis, a Personality test that has been used for forty years as a definitive profile in human relations.

He was the designer of the one man Sports Hovercraft and Park owner, which were used in T.V. and films such as Night Rider, McGiver, Operation Watch Dog, and North Dallas Forty.

He was the author of many books: Sanity for the Layman; Love, Sex and Marriage; When a Sailor Rides Horseback; Live, Love and Like It; You Live as You Think; Handbook of the Gods; Management without Ulcers; and The U.S.N.S.C.C. Flagship SOP, plus many newspaper and international magazine columns.

He had 20 years in the U.S. Navy Sea Cadet Corps. Raymond was a Commodore of Flagship for 8 years.

Raymond was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his U.S.N.S.C.C. services.

He was an international business consultant and lecturer in Europe and East Germany.

Raymond was the C.E.O and co-inventor of the Emergency House Alert, ad infinitum.

He married Pamela in 1956, had two children, Christopher and Suzanne, four grand children, Chandra, Jonathan, Desiree, and Andrew, and the Great Dane, Raj. The Memorial Service was held at the United States Amphibious Base, Coronado Island, San Diego, California, June 12th 1998. Θ

[End of page 44 of International Viewpoints (IVy) Nr. 38.]

Reminiscences of Ray by Antony Phillips[edit | edit source]

On my last four weeks of the HPA professional auditors course in London in January 1956 I was twinned with Pamela (Pam Kemp). Because of that I was invited to participate in two church services, the funeral of Ray Kemp's mother (Liz Williams) and Pam's and Ray's wedding. I understood that in both cases the church service was written by Ron and appeared in The Background and Ceremonies of the Church of Scientology of California, Worldwide which has its first copyright date as 1959.

No doubt because of my connection as a twin with Pam, I booked two 25 hour auditing intensives with Ray Kemp. The only notable thing (that I can remember now) was that at that time exteriorisation was being researched, and there was the idea that the reactive bank was attached to the body. A number of processes were evolved in the USA where Ray had been for exteriorising someone. Ray ran some of these on me. He only ran them for a short time and if nothing happened he went on to the next one. What I remember clearly was that he came to one where he told me to close my eyes and repeat to my body "Hello X". I did this a few times (I don't remember how many) and was surprised to hear a voice, my voice, in front of my face and about a foot below it saying "Hello X". I can't remember anything more of the intensive, but a few months later I was co-auditing on the process Waterloo Station (actually at Waterloo Station, in a tunnel there) and once more I heard my voice in front of me saying whatever I was saying to the auditor. That phenomena has returned (I've got it now as I'm dictating this!) and tends to occur when I key out and it's a useful EP for a process.

In about 1960 when I had stopped working for the London Scientology org I had a part-time early-morning postman job and in the afternoon I went to Golders Green in north London where Pam and and Ray lived. I understood that Ray was doing a research project for Ron, the aim of which was to see to what degree objective processes could handle mentally handicapped children. (According to Ray there were many Jewish people in Golders Green, and he said that Jews were particularly caring about their children, so will be more interested in this project.) I remember that Ray went fairly frequently into the HASI London to talk to Ron and in fact gave me a private preclear of his to audit with the assurance to the preclear that he would be in the house while she was getting auditing, and he wasn't! The conclusion of the experiment, which I haven't ever seen published, was that we were able to produce a change in the majority of the children on a daily basis, but when they came back next day they had lost that gain, and therefore to be able to do anything permanent for that sort of case the children would have to be away from their parents and in a sort of institution where all the staff were Scientologists.

Ray and Pam, who by that time were living in the USA, shortly after the big split from the church and before Internet, came over to Europe a few times and gave conferences. The first one was in Denmark. The second one was in East Berlin, just after the Iron Curtain had come down. Last one I remember was in Holland. Ray gave lectures at all of those. In Holland he did a rather unusual thing. Apparently earlier on in the USA Ron had given what you could call a demonstration of how thetan's were very early on the track (they were somewhat naive). It was a pity a video was not made of it (videos were not as common then as they are now) but shortly before he died he wrote something for IVy magazine which gives a slight hint at it. See [[1]] and go to page 24/25.

When I published the magazine IVy (International Viewpoints) I wanted some knowledgeable people to commit themselves to writing regular columns for every issue. He did this from 1991 (the first issue) until his death, over 40 articles, and you can see a list of them under "Kemp, Raymond" at [[2]]. You can see the articles themselves under the appropriate IVy at [[3]].

I have a comment on the video above. When I saw it for the first time which was here on Scientolipedia I was astounded that he, with Pam, gave a lecture sitting down in easy chairs or a sofa. You don't give talks or lectures that way, I thought! On further reflection I have the feeling that he was making a point which perhaps emphasises an important part of his nature. There is/was a tendency in Scientology to dominate. I think the previous speaker at that conference/meeting was somewhat dominating. Ray was not like that.

He also maintained an interesting relationship with Ron Hubbard, probably the longest relationship of a Scientologist with Ron Hubbard, with the possible exception of Mary Sue Hubbard. He recounted an occasion (and I think this was in the 50s, before Suppressive Person declares became part of policy) where there was a notice in the local org banning him, so we went round to Ron's house, got in communication with Ron and they had a pleasant evening (I don't remember details and perhaps someone could drag his written account up and insert it here). In other words he handled Ron's ARC break with him using ARC (rather than a rote formula). So far as I know he never had a position as staff member in a Scientology org. He ran a franchise in Orange County of which we would like to have someone write some sort of an account of for Scientolipedia (this article). I believe he was a friend of Alan Walter

Short account[edit | edit source]

The following account occurred on the Face Book page of Scientolipedia:

Yes, the Kemps had a girl and a boy (don't recall their names). My mother (xxx) and step-father (xxx) knew Ray and Pamela well and had business dealings with them. I went to dinner once at their home in Orange County (California) and met the family. Raymond was an Illusionist (magician) and Pamela was his beautiful assistant. He was on television in the '60s. The children were very kind and introduced me to Raymond's doves which he used during his illusionist acts. Pamela was on television show: "What's my Line."

More data needed.[edit | edit source]

There is a lot more to Ray Kemp's rich life. As an example an account/reminiscences of the Scientology Franchise which he ran in Orange County is needed here. If you have information/reminiscences please enter it directly here (you will need a login), or write to: ant.phillips@post8.tele.dk