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Self Clearing by The Pilot
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NOTE: This article discusses an offshoot. Offshoots are considered something OTHER than Scientology, as they were not developed by L. Ron Hubbard, and they have never been practiced in any Scientology Church.

This book contains many procedures based on Scientology theory for "do it yourself" improving of a persons condition and abilities. It was written in 1997 by a keen student of Scientology, who thoroughly disagreed with the path the Church of Scientology had taken in more recent years. Fearing the Church would treat him badly if they knew who he was, he wrote under the pseudonym of The Pilot.

The Pilot's Announcement[edit | edit source]

The Pilot wrote a homepage for Self Clearing which appeared on the now extinct Freezone America Homepage. It refers to some material including links which are out of date now, but here are more important parts.

1. What is Self Clearing?[edit | edit source]

Self Clearing is the practice of using mental exercises and processes to clear oneself of barriers and aberrations (distortions) which prevent one from operating in an optimum manner.

Processing consists of asking oneself questions and answering them not just once but many times so as to push through surface reactions and find deeper truths.

Mental exercises consisted doing actions repetitively to raise one's awareness and control.

You might, for example, simply look around the room and noticed things that you like. If you do this a number of times in a row, you will focus your attention and the room will seem a bit brighter.

Or you might recall a time when you had fun and then recall a time when somebody else had fun, and alternate these two processing commands, recalling time after time until your recall penetrates to something that has been deeply buried and long forgotten.

These are just beginning steps. There are thousands of these processes.

It is expected that by using these processes, you will raise your ability and awareness to undreamed heights.

2. Where does this lead?[edit | edit source]

The goal is to remove all mental blockage and regain full ability.

What that really means depends on what we really are.

The practice of self clearing does not presume to dictate what you will find or what abilities you will achieve.

Belief in the theology of self clearing is not a requirement for practising it.

With that in mind, we will say that the practitioners often discover a number of very incredable sounding things.

Extensive use of the recall techniques might lead to the remembrance of past lives.

Extensive use of the perception techniques might give one flashes of non-physical perception.

Working with things such as problems, one might discover that one creates one's own problems and brings one's own opposition into existence.

And at basic, one might well discover that we are godlike immortal beings who have become trapped within universes of our own creation.

But this is all nothing more than a speculation as to what you might find. In practice, you might find whatever you find.

You certainly do not have to believe in past lives to practice the techniques. If you want you can chalk that one up to simply exercising one's powers of imagination. The technique will still build up your ability to focus and concentrate and handle situations in life.

3. Where did this come from?[edit | edit source]

This practice has evolved from Scientology which was founded in 1952 by L. Ron Hubbard.

Scientology in turn was an outgrowth of Dianetics. It came about when the original Dianetics theories of all aberrations originating in the prenatal area failed in practice and the engrams (painful incidence) were found to lead back to past lives instead.

Since Scientology places heavy restrictions upon its members and upon the uses of techniques, the non-orthodox Scientologists are known as The Freezone and the two factions are currently (1997) heavily at odds with each other.

The Church of Scientology's own website is at

[Here followed links current at that time]

4.Where to get Self Clearing materials[edit | edit source]

Self Clearing book has been made freely available on the Internet. Can be picked up from the following sites among others;

[Old links out of date place new links here] (scroll down)

The techniques can be used by anybody who is willing to put in the time and effort required to work through the book.

The initial version of the book consists of 48 chapters, each of which might be considered to be a stage or level or area that is to be addressed in self clearing. There will probably be more chapters in the future as research is carried forward.

The book is to be worked through twice, once in a light manner to orient oneself, develop understanding, and handle things which are currently in one's way. And the second time to carry the process to deeper levels and expand each section to full mastery.

On a second pass, one will be expected to expand the chapters with other materials. Many of these are in the Super Scio book which I previously released onto the Internet.

The Super Scio book represents my own research notes on working beyond the levels that were available in orthodox Scientology. It expects that you are already familiar with Scientology or have work through the Self Clearing book.

It is available on these links among others: (scroll down)

5.Who is The Pilot?[edit | edit source]

I am a secret reformer within the Church of Scientology.

I wish to make the technology freely available to everyone and I wish to see the research continue.

I remain anonymous at this time because the CofS has a reputation for viciously attacking any of their members or ex-members who attempt to do either of these actions.

They currently believe that the technology is inviolate, cannot be revised or extended, and must remain frozen in the form left by Hubbard at his death.

In the early days, a beginning was made towards researching unsupervised self processing at home, as is evidenced by Hubbard's Self Analysis book which is still available.

But this was not carried forward, and any attempts at carrying this beyond what is in this beginners book by Hubbard (which, being by Hubbard, is considered inviolate) is sternly attacked.

And yet, a careful examination of the early research and the later discoveries shows that these could be combined with a benefit to make the entirety of the technology easily available to everyone on a do-it-yourself basis.

This is abhorrent to the current management of the CofS which charges absurdly high prices for a very limited subset of the technology.

That subset represents approximately a third of the area covered by Self Clearing.

Many other areas were investigated by Hubbard in the 1950s but were not carried forward to the point where they can be applied in the rote and pedantic manner currently used by within the CofS.

This represents another third of the areas covered by Self Clearing, and actions necessary to upgrade these to the point where they could be used for this purpose are again in violation of CofS practices because the sacred works must never be altered or extended.

And then there is the remaining Self Clearing material which is based upon my own research beyond the works of Hubbard, and this is the most abhorrent to the current management because technology is considered to be complete and nobody besides Hubbard (who is no longer around) may further research or experiment with it.

For this reason I remain hidden. You can visit the critics sites for stories of what happened to various people who did not remain so well hidden.

6. Keeping up with the news[edit | edit source]

There is much ongoing critical discussion going on in the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup. [This was applicable in 1997]

If you cannot get these on your news server or do not have access to a news server, provides these newsgroups on an open news server as a public service. The link is at [no longer functioning with this purpose]

I often post to these groups. Technical questions can be posted to ACT.

An archive of my past postings is kept at (scroll down to Posting Archives)

You can also search for these postings at dejanews [out of date links omitted here]

The road to truth is finally open. The toll bridge that blocks its use has finally been bypassed. The speed limit signs have finally been taken down.

We need only roll up your sleeves and get to work.


The Pilot.

[The Pilot added his PGP key, a 1997 copyright paragraph and an apology that one cannot email him]

Review by James Moore, England[edit | edit source]

First published in IVy 37, page 47 [[1]]

Self Clearing, A Handbook for Self Enlightenment, by The Pilot [[2]]. Available free on the Internet, for example from [This is the first edition] The “Word” version of the printed book comprises about 350 pages. If you are not on the Internet, or do not have time and patience to print it out, it is possible that your IVy distributor will have a local source willing to sell a photocopy of the book. [IVy ceased to be published in 2008]

SINCE THE PILOT appeared on the two Scientology newsgroups on Internet about a year ago he has entered a lot of theta material into a rather enturbulated area. He has written extensively both on tech matters and (citing Ron) on how the present day church has slipped far away from the Scientology which Ron helped form over 40 years ago. See for example the article in the last IVy, page 32 “Ron’s Research Line”. He has shown in many ways that his grasp of Ron’s writings and lectures is deep, and covers the whole time track of Scientology. This comprehension is no mean feat. Ron wrote and said much. The Pilot deserves attention, and I predict that he will significantly change the course of events, mostly in free (from church influence) Scientology, but also in the church.

The arrival of his Self Clearing book is a very significant landmark in his career, and also a very significant land mark in the history of do-it-yourself self enhancement.

For all[edit | edit source]

A claim is made that the Self Clearing book can be read and used by all, regardless of whether they have had Scientology experience. I have seen this claim before, notably in TROM (The Resolution of Mind) and Excalibur Revisited, and in my view these were very hollow claims. Self Clearing does fulfil this claim, and I would gladly give it to an enhancement seeking person who knew nothing of Scientology.

To a Scientologist or ex Scientologist I would be a little diffident, if the person was not familiar with Scientology in the 50’s. Scientology has changed a lot, and The Pilot brings into his book freer concepts found in the 50’s but later abandoned. For those people who have only had Scn church contact within the last 30 years, I would strongly advise reading The Reformers Home Page, which the Pilot prepared and got posted on Internet, before doing Self Clearing. Here are many quotes from Ron which seem to go completely against what the modern “churchgoer” is led to believe is in Ron’s Spirit. Internet users can read the reformer’s Home Page at [[3]] . They are in for a few surprises.

A gradient[edit | edit source]

The book contains all necessary explanations. It is a sort of bridge or path, but possibly a broader one than the modern Scientology one, in that it works on what might be called OT aspects (perceptions independent of the body) from the beginning. It is a gradient, and because of that I would suggest everyone do it chapter by chapter, rather than reading the whole thing, or skipping ahead, before doing it.

It is not necessary to use a meter, in fact the book is written on the basis that you do not have a meter. For four or five years Scientology did not use e-meters, and I suspect someone not using a meter will increase in intuition (knowingness) faster than with the use of a meter. And the gradient is not too shallow, because one is allowed to skip over those things which do not seem relevant at that time. In fact The Pilot talks of doing the book twice, because for different people things will have reality at different times.

Any one person can do it[edit | edit source]

In the early days of Scientology (Dianetics rather) the popular cry went out “any two persons can do it”. Forty years later we have a better cry “Any one person can do it”. And now we have forty years extra experience. This is much better. There is no charge, and no future charge. Because of that nobody is likely to pour large sums of money into promoting it. But you can help here. Make it known.

The above review is of the first edition of The Pilot's book. He wrote a second edition, which was found on his computer after his death, where some things were added and improvements made and the following is a link to it [[4]] .
There are some translations at [[5]] - some may be partly first edition, partly second edition.

Note to the Self Clearing Internet list (added March 2016)[edit | edit source]

When The Pilot first published "Self Clearing" anonymously an Internet list for it was set up which is now closed. The following is an edited reply to a query on the list, which gives some indication of the background to the issue of the book.

At 19:47 12-03-2016, xxxxx wrote:

Have you completed the Self Clearing book?
If not, how much have you done?

Dear xxxx and Self Clearers,

The brief answer (so far as it is an answer) to xxxx's question is that I have never run Self Clearing book.

That answer might get someone to ask "Why did you bother to start a Self Clearing list when The Pilot published his book, and why have you bothered to keep it going for all the years since?".

So I'll cover that.

When I got my first Scientology auditing in 1954 I got a session once a week and the auditor, Dennis O'Connor/O'Connell, encouraged me to do the processes of Hubbard's book Self-Analysis in between sessions. That is to say I should self audit! That was far beyond my capabilities at the time. But it was an encouragement by a field auditor for me to audit myself. Self auditing was a recognised part of Scientology, as is witnessed by that book Self-Analysis[[6]].

But after that, in the long history of Scientology, self auditing was discouraged if not forbidden.

It's true that after Gradation Chart and when Power Processing were added to it (1965) a new step was added to the Gradation Chart which was called R6 (End Words) and this was a step which one audited on oneself. But a great distinction was made in that this was not self auditing but was solo auditing, with the inference that self auditing was Very Bad Thing (!). Solo auditing was just for the high and mighty people who had done the whole Gradation Chart and were about to do the Clearing Course. At that time one had to be a Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (SHSBC) graduate in order to solo audit. (Other ways of clearing, creating clears, had been tried and dropped).

In the period from 1955 (when I took my first training) to 1983 (when I was thrown out of the Church of Scientology) I was on staff for some of the time were I got some auditing including supervised co-auditing, enough to bring me a little bit further on the way. I also did a certain amount of training, including some levels of the Briefing Course and, the wonder of it all, starting in July 1981, I did the Happiness Rundown Course and Internship [[7]]. Here the big emphasis was on the fundamentals of auditing. These are very fundamental, basic and with no element of confidentiality about them.

When I had recovered my equilibrium (after being thrown out of my "stable datum", official Scientology, in 1983) I got involved in Freezone activities including going to some conferences, editing magazines, and running Internet lists. It was here that The Pilot ducked up in my sphere of consciousness, first with his issuing "The Webpage of Total Freedom -- Scientology Reformer's Homepage" [[8]] (1997) which really laid it on the line how the "Church" was violating L Ron Hubbard's policies. This was followed by The Pilot's SuperScio, [[9]] an 800 page book which is rather wild in parts which I have not read all of, but it does display very deep knowledge of Scientology. I considered it a good work, and started an Internet list for it.

In 1998 he produced, again anonymously on the Internet, Self Clearing [[10]]. I was extremely enthusiastic about this. Here was something which really made self auditing workable (for those up to it). There are so many aspects of it that I marvel at but I won't go into these in depth here but will mention that the introductory chapters are very important -- they are pearls of wisdom.

But Self Clearing doesn't meet everybody's needs, as amongst other things it does require self-discipline as you lack the discipline of having appointments with an auditor and having to keep your nose in it until you can see you have reached an end phenomenon of a process.

I certainly considered it was important enough to have an Internet List of its own so I establish one and that's where we are today.

So you can see historically the publication of The Pilot's book Self Clearing is a landmark, making self auditing acceptable and in a number of cases helping people along the road to more ability, more fun in life, and also a good deal more understanding of how life and other human beings operate.

To sum up, despite the successes obtained by many people with the first Dianetic auditing, we did not know much about the mechanics of the mind and the traps that were in it at that time. Over the first years of Scientology we learnt a lot. The Pilot, an independent freethinking soul with a deep understanding and experience of Scientology, took the subject of self auditing up again and refined it. His Self Clearing book contains this refinement. It still needs discipline and duplication of the material in the book, but for the independent and courageous soul it is far in excess of the poor tools we had available in 1950. But it does not serve the purposes of those who want a "way to greater freedom" which leaves them in control and able to extort money and obtain meek obedience.

You could probably make yourself a lot more free working alone with this.

All best wishes,


PS. I might add that I do 20 or 30 minutes of Opening Procedure by 8C on myself every day as well as a touch assist on my body's weak points – it's knees. ;-) .

Antony A Phillips