Mary Long – 50s London, 60s Saint Hill

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Mary Long – 50s London, 60s Saint Hill
Birthday March 13, 1904
Died on January 31 1996
Nationality British
Org. Affiliation(s) St. Hill, London,

This beginning of a biography of Mary Long, who was one of many prominent figures in English Scientology in late 50s and early 60s, is written by Antony Phillips. I have put the main data I have on Mary here, but there is a lot missing, not only date of birth, how she came into Scientology. If you have more data, please enter it here, or write to me, Antony Phillips at

London HASI mid 50s[edit | edit source]

Mary Long was a well know figure in London, she was registrar in London HASI, at least around 1955, and I heard her name frequently enough that it "stuck in my head".

Saint Hill 60s[edit | edit source]

When I joined Saint Hill Staff in August 1964, great was my pleasure and surprise to find that Mary Long was Registrar. It was Edgar Watson who interviewed me for the job, but Mary Long found me accommodation (satisfactory, I was at that house in East Grinstead until I left for Edinburgh in 1968). At the beginning Saint Hill only sold one service, the SHBC (Saint Hill Briefing Course). At a point Ron had sorted out the grades (0 to IV) and he went on to develop Power Processing. Power Processing was something special, and when some auditors had been trained, it was only available to (what we called then) outer orgs' (outer to Saint Hill) staff members. Non staff members had to come to Saint Hill (even from the other side of the planet) if they wanted Power Processing (Grade V). Therefore I suspect that there are still people around all over the world who remember Mary - any one care to write a bit about her? I had nothing to do with her.

Facility Differential[edit | edit source]

On 16th November 1966 Ron wrote a five page Policy Letter Entitled "Executive Facilities – Facility Differential". It is on page 326 in the original "Green Volume" VII. Thinning it down to a few lines it said that executives that contributed most to an organisation's goal should get extra facilities, and outlined what sort of facilities they should get (those that helped production). On the same date Ron issued an ED (Executive Directive - blue on white paper) for Saint Hill only awarding Herbie Parkhouse and Mary Long Facility Differentials. If I remember rightly Herbie got a larger office. Mary was treated royally. She got a larger office (possibly the size was specified), a carpet and two staff, a secretary and a receptionist. I have not heard of Facility Differential since. It would be interesting to know more about Mary. I guess she is remembered world wide. Anybody got a recollection of her? This site is open to small contributions (or large!).- Antony Phillips

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Reference[edit | edit source]

There was a short appreciation of her in International Viewpoints [[1]] page 18.