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Dave LaCroix
Training Level Grad V-Class IX
Case Level OT-8
Country US
State TN
City Nashville
Geo 36° 9' 20.22" N, 86° 46' 51.62" W
Website https://www.patreon.com/scientolipedia
Social Media Scientolipedia on Facebook Scientolipedia on TwitterScientolipedia Youtube Channel Scientolipedia Newsletter
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Email dl88008@gmail.com
Skype dklacroix
Auditing Results
Year 2020
Auditing Hours 300
Solo Hours 400
Training Results
Year 2015
Solo Course 1
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Auditing[edit | edit source]

I did most of my Scientology and Dianetics auditor training in the days when there was a close adherence to the discoveries and recommended procedures of L Ron Hubbard and I maintain my dedication to his workable systems to this day.

I'm a Grad 5 / Class 9 auditor (able to audit upper levels) and currently delivering the standard Scientology "bridge" through OT 7, including NOTS (New Era Dianetics for OTs).

I also specialize in helping OTs who did their upper bridge in the church and feel they would like some things sorted out.

If you feel confused about the wide spectrum of practitioners and services being offered in the field, get in touch for a free consultation and I'll be glad to help point you in the right direction.

I audit and train others either in person, in some cases remotely or by traveling to the client's location.

Success stories[edit | edit source]

Mike's case cleanup[edit | edit source]

"What a pleasure. Simple. The auditor only addresses what you have charge on, and there is no evaluation in or out of session. And you naturally gain like crazy. This is what auditing is supposed to be.

Dave has allowed me to view the past few decades of confusion and failure that resulted from the misapplication of Scientology. And I have been able to validate my own viewpoint, and greatly enhance my affinity for my own little self. It is amazing how stable one can feel considering the environmental upheaval that is never very far away. I think it is stable because there is nothing artificial about it. You aren’t hanging on to some stable-datum or another to keep you stable, you just aren’t being anything but yourself. What a joy and pleasure.

It’s going to be a great future!

Thanks Dave. Thanks Ron. Thanks DM, for showing me how not to do it." MW

Creating scientolipedia[edit | edit source]

I had the idea for this site in the spring of 2010 and wrote about it then. I was half expecting someone would read about it and run with the idea and I would contribute as I could. It has turned out the technologies involved are such that they are not broadly understood...so when I got some time in the summer of 2011 I started creating materials[1] to explain it better.

Incubation[edit | edit source]

It's developed to the point where it can start to grow - sort of the incubation stage right now. The nature of the Wiki is such that it depends on content contribution and creation from many people. The beauty of this Semantic Wiki (versus a standard Wiki like Wikipedia) and the use of Forms [2] to create pages, makes it incredibly easy for people to do that.

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