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Topic Good News
Author David LaCroix
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It's a word usually associated with Christians and their dedication and promotion of their faith. The root of the word actually has "good news" in its meaning and is not exclusive to Christians.

Scientologists use the term "dissemination" to describe spreading the "good news" a good choice by LRH imo, to make a distinction rather than borrowing from earlier movements.

The word angel also has the same etymology.

Stay with me, this is going somewhere...lol

Back in 1996 I was in Silicon Valley pitching a new tech business venture at the headquarters of Netscape. At the time, Netscape was the dominant player in the new Internet explosion,sort of the Google of its day, and were the go-to guys to give their blessing to new ventures. (they got wiped out by a predatory Microsoft releasing its free IE browser)

In any case, Netscape executives were using the term evangelism in regards their "dissemination" efforts to spread the word about new web services and business models. They were "evangelizing" then for an explosion in new applications and uses of this new World Wide Web of data and communication. Of course history has proven those pioneers correct. I was a little surprised to hear that particular word being thrown out in a corporate environment though, because I had associated it with religious connotations. Since then I've heard it used corporately elsewhere where innovators are trying to gain traction for a new model or concept for their business.

I'm going to use the term for what we are doing with this project.

As I see it, we are Evangelizing in several ways:

1. That good news about Scientology, Scientologists, LRH and the Tech is even more popular with people than strife, conflict, battling, fighting, exposing, warring and all the stress and distress associated with a corporate dysfunctional and criminal entity. And that this good news approach can be demonstrated with search engine rankings. (see Stats section of this site. - sidebar)

2. That the best platform to accomplish the above is with the Semantic Wiki due to its cutting edge technology which allows us to follow a proven model .(Wikipedia)

3. By giving many people access to create and contribute, we harness our power as a group. We're free to use the Internet fully - the only question was how to we do that? Now we have the answer.

You can Evangelize these ideas too. Link to this site, create a log in, ask questions, write articles, create your page(s), and have fun learning something new - learn how to wiki!

This is OUR righteous Evangelism.

Do I hear an "Amen"?

David LaCroix

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