Choosing games over being stressed and exasperated

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Success Story
Auditor Dave LaCroix
Name BG
Auditing Success Life Repair

I have to say, I have seriously gained real tangiable wins from what we've been doing so far - not only do I now feel you in my corner - and the TECH in my corner as I go about my daily life, but it is ASSISTING me throughout issues as they occur.

More specifically:

LRH's idea (postulate? axiom?) that YOU are the one who controls how YOU feel - no matter what stimulus the outside world (mest universe?) provides - THAT is truly freeing me from my (conditions?) as they occur. I'm finding life much easier now that I really realize that heck, no matter what happens (obstacles, as you mentioned) I can overcome it and achieve my goals and CHOOSE games over being stressed and exasperated.

Sincerely, BG