Thanks for helping me start Excal

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Success Story
Auditor Dave LaCroix
Name MK
Auditing Success Excalibur

I just want to say thanks to Dave for helping me through the considerations I had about trying out the Excalibur level.

I had been on Solo NOTS for some time and although I'd had many spectacular and life changing wins, I had come to feel as if there was something missing and there should be more to the level. I also felt it was too long and slow and that there should be a way to cut through the "case" faster.

Once I got over my considerations about looking at the materials, with the spot-on couching and encouragement by Dave, I found that everything I was reading and hearing made total sense and answered all the nagging questions I still had.

Then once I got in session, well, all I can say is that it was the wildest ride I had ever been on.

Thus far, Excal has handled more than I ever thought possible in an amazingly short amount of time. I understand now why NOTS was dragging on and on and I wasn't experiencing the full revitalization I had always felt should go along with that level.

I'm on my way now and have total confidence the end of this road will not be many months or years as I had come to resign myself to. It can all happen in a blink of an eye now.


Thanks Dave, CBR and of course, LRH.