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Success Story
Auditor Dave LaCroix
Auditing Success Solo NOTS
Website http://scientolipedia.org
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Over the course of progress on Solo NOTS auditing I have noticed many changes in my perception of the environment and the dynamics. One of those areas has to do with communication and observation of, other life forms - the 5th Dynamic.

My awareness of the telepathic activity among other life forms has grown exponentially and I have come to realize I am a part of that very active and busy communication activity. I understand it is not an odd or unusual activity or experience but rather it is the norm and what life consists of.

We as humans have devolved to a point where we no longer are "in communication" with other species, nor each other for that matter, so miss out on the tremendous smorgasbord of life interactions that are occurring right before us. We don't live as fully because we are shut out from the live communications going on everywhere.

Lately I've been particularly fascinated with birds. I watch them now with an interest and fascination like never before. When I started realizing this was happening I was glad and happy to be more attentive to their goings-on, but lately I've noticed they, the birds and some other small animals as well, don't fly or run away from me so quickly as before.

Today a bird, I don't know the type, landed a few feet from me in a water basin and happily bathed while eying me. He didn't even start or fly away when I stood up and the communication we had was clear as a bell. That bird knew he had nothing to fear and was happy to share the space with me.

As a child I was exposed to religious images of Saints pictured interacting with animals and birds.I am certainly no saint, but the imagery has taken on a whole new level of significance to me as a result of my progress through Solo NOTS.

Life changes the more we tap into our ability to communicate and that communication is not restricted to verbal noise.

Now that I can hear the birds better, my answer to that age old question, "do birds fly?", is no, they do not.