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"You are very fortunate people, very very lucky people. You came all the way down the track, lived all those years, did all of those stupid things, and you wind up here with a chance out. That chance is as good as you can audit. It's not a bit better. It is a good thing, if anybody is to be fully cleared or go OT, for them to be trained. If they are going to make it, they will have to be trained well. LRH (Tape: "The Relationship of Training to OT")



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Advantages of Scientolipedia

Here's a list of the advantages of the Scientolipedia website. (these will be added-to on a daily or at least regular basis until this has become a complete reference document)

The "platform" the website uses is a very powerful and versatile piece of software engineering. Today it is supported and constantly being upgraded by some of the top technology professionals in the world, a large percentage of which do so on a volunteer basis. Since it's the same software Wikipedia uses, thousands of people love contributing to the global knowledge base of information that Wikipedia makes available to many millions of people around the world for free. Many of those same people have a high purpose to make sure the software technology behind the scenes, stays up-to-date and maintained.

We can benefit from this technology for our own 'community'. Here's some of the reasons why we should do so.

1. The biggest advantage of the Wiki platform is that it allows for any number of people to contribute content to it. Do not make the mistake of thinking other sites like blogs and forums do the same thing because they allow visitors or logged-in users to comment and discuss things there. When I say "content" I am talking about articles, new posts, new pages on the site. I am talking about the ability to add or edit actual article pages without having to submit them to the site owner for approval and posting.

That simple idea rocketed Wikipedia to one of the top 5 highest ranked and trafficked websites on the entire Internet.

It's extremely powerful to allow many many people to create the content for a website. has that advantage.

2. Scientolipedia has a "Discussion" capability which makes it far superior to blog type, or traditional websites.

Every page on the site and any new page created, automatically generates a secondary attached page to it. Users can toggle between these two pages from the tabs at the top.

The "Discussion" feature at Scientolipedia has been customized to allow for unlimited new topics to be created and responded to. The "threading" of the discussions acts like Forum software. Since new threads are listed out and easy for anyone to see, it is far easier to follow conversations and see the responses than say Facebook or blogs or even other dedicated Forums.

The other unique thing about this Discussion feature is that the software automatically notifies you if anyone responds to your posts. (will send an email if "Preferences" are set for that or simply post a notice at the top of the page much like Facebook shows a red box notice when there are responses to a thread you are following)

Any Page on the site or Discussion can be "Watched" so you get a notification of any changes. This makes it easy to follow a wide variety of pages and Discussions without having to waste time searching for pages or Discussions you want to keep an eye on.

The way Scientolipedia allows for Two-way communication on topics is far superior to any other platform and you should learn and start taking advantage of this powerful communication tool.

3. The third advantage has over other websites is it is a "Semantic Wiki".

Stay with me now, in just a few seconds the fogginess you might be experiencing will clear up.

So why is it called a "Semantic" wiki? First off, it's what the guys who run the Internet came up with to describe the next generation of the World Wide Web. In fact, the guy who invented the WWW, Tim Berner-Lee, is one of those behind the idea. See his video (after reading the rest of this - it's been up on the website since day one)

The usual understanding of the word "semantics" has to do with - "The branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning" But what does that have to do with websites?

Remember way back when the Internet was new, like 10-15 years ago, web pages were flat documents. The data on pages was only accessible by going to the page the data was on. That was the only way the data had any "meaning" to anyone - they had to go to the actual webpage.

The next evolution in the Internet (Web 2.0) dealt with adding more sizzle to pages like video, maps and much more ease of use.

The "Semantic Web" (Web 3.0 - the phase we are still in)) began to deliver ways of re-using information in multiple or unlimited ways. Today, GPS ties into web services and will deliver the distance and directions to the nearest Starbucks to you while you are driving down the Freeway at 70 MPH. It's pulling the DATA that sits on a website and giving that data more MEANING to you, in real-time.

That's a "Semantic" capability.

Many websites are now capturing data and then re-packaging or re-using that information.

One example at is the Pop-up Glossary. Each definition in the glossary is a separate page, but when you read any other page on the site where a word in the glossary is used, the definition is pulled from the source page and "pops-up" for you - bringing more "meaning" to the page you are reading.

We're using the technology in the Maps, Browse Site, and some of the listing mechanisms already visible on the site. Other very cool presentations of information will be rolled out soon.

Using the extremely versatile and powerful Semantic extension to the Wiki platform gives a big advantage over other websites.

note: this list is incomplete. It will be expanded periodically as time permits. (one of the sub-benefits of the wiki software, one can always go back and edit or add to an article or page)

Dl8800814:50, July 13, 2013

Op Ed 4-28-2013

Sunday Op Ed - (Opposing or Opposition Editorial - a newspaper tradition of presenting dissenting viewpoints to the publisher's general stance)

I don't know if I'll do this every Sunday but if others want to present topical views here as well, it will be welcome.

A few months ago I posted here that the number one fear OSA and the Church management have is for their public to learn that Bridge services are available in the Field, outside the corporate structure. And therefore the number one thing Field Scientologists could do to weaken the corporate grip on their public and bring about reform would be to get going on their own Bridge in the Field, make it broadly known they were winning and to help promote that information through a highly ranked public website,

For the past four years high ranking former executives promoted the idea that dragging all the corporate churchs' dirty laundry through the mud in the press would create pressure from outside and bring about reform. The collateral damage to the Scientology name was presumed a necessary by-product with some, not much but some attempts to distinguish the philosophy/subject from a corrupt corporation in the minds of degraded journalists and the public consumer.

The same former executives, having failed their number one duty i.e. "Keep Scientology Working and out of the hands of mad men, were now promoting another failed strategy while sucking up all the attention units of the Field and effectively barring any broad-scale development of Scientology practices outside the corporate orbit.

I won't go so far to say this was a planned blocking maneuver but the net result was the same. Marty, ever the street-smart and crafty political manipulator, (he didn't get to be # 2 by being stupid) saw the writing on the wall back around the first of the year and has tried to "get out in front" of the failed strategy by creating a new track record and history of philosophical "higher ground" to avoid the inevitable stain on his resume from yet another failure. Others who revel in the chaos and not as quick on their feet as Marty are still beating the dead horse. Sadly, too large a percentage of the "Field" have failed to notice these things and still support them.

The above type of thinking and talk has landed your humble editorialist, me, in hot water with that crowd. They've done everything possible to shun and ostracize me and the Scientolipedia website.

Thankfully however, the idea of promoting true Scientology, real Scientology, Scientology without the hype and corporate baggage turned out to be the correct idea. People have embraced it and love a "DM Free Zone". (the only kind of free zone we endorse btw) Scientolipedia announced it would promote Scientology and make it widely known that Scientology, Scientologists, LRH and the Tech are GOOD things.That they are not in any way related to a corporate entity which has hijacked the brand name.

To be fair, others have promoted this idea as well. But none had a web platform capable of generating high enough search rankings, as is the case with the wikipedia model we are following, to pose a serious challenge either to the church or the former church execs' efforts.

So the idea of promoting the hell out of success and winning stands in opposition to the idea of promoting dysfunction and failure.

You be the judge as to which is the better idea.

Dl8800823:58, May 1, 2013

Nice piece, David. While we don't always agree on the divergent views of Scientology and LRH tech espoused here and in Scientolopedia, this was a good piece of writing. Just an ack. (unamed poster from private FB Group)

Dl8800800:00, May 2, 2013

Positive Postulates

A new page, the Positive Postulate Page was started today to be used as a focal point for Scientologists and others to find information about people who are struggling with serious illnesses and dramatic life situations.

The idea is to use the power of positive postulates to help them overcome their adversity.

Using positive energy, prayer, and an upbeat, happy and healty thought process toward healing is not a new one. Gaining certainty that one can have a positive effect by directing ones own or a groups combined "energy" toward a specific target as an effective means in helping that target person is a step up from merely "wishing" or simply thinking general thoughts.

Scientologists should be the opinion leaders in this area but due to the lack of leadership from the corporate church over the past few decades, others have pioneered and been the driving force in implementing and demonstrating the workability of the concept.

The effort here on this website is a step in the direction of Scientologists making a statement that we are happy to join with all peoples, faiths, creeds and belief systems to lend our knowledge and agreement with the idea that yes indeed, thought can control and modify matter and healing can occur with decision and positive attitudes.

What are your thoughts?

Dl8800804:56, March 28, 2013

Skype/Internet Auditing

"For a great many years I asked this question, “To communicate or not to communicate?” If one got himself into such thorough trouble by communicating, then, of course, one should stop communicating. But this is not the case. If one gets himself into trouble by communicating, he should further communicate. More communication, not less, is the answer, and I consider this riddle solved after a quarter-century of investigation and pondering." A NEW SLANT ON LIFE

Scientolipedia has been challenged on this point recently. The topic of "Skype" auditing has led some to try to identify ScientoliPedia as a place that "promotes" squirrel practices. This is not the case. Allowing communication on a topic is not the same as agreement. Some are going to say that it is. They are wrong.

"Pages created by, and maintained by individual practitioners and groups do not represent an endorsement by the site and it is up to each individual to determine their relationship with the person(s) or groups listed on this site. This site makes no warranty or recommendation regarding services offered or performed." ("Disclaimers" posted at the bottom of every page on the site since day one)

YOU CAN NOT GET INSTANT READS OVER SKYPE OR ANY INTERNET CONNECTION. As an Internet professional, I can say that with absolute certainty. This one fact alone tells you 100% standard tech is not possible over an Internet connection. There are other factors that would nullify what is known as "standard tech" as well.

  • Can you get a result (create and effect) over the phone or through the Internet? Yes
  • How about webinars? Yes.
  • Training? Yes, has possibilities.
  • Book One or SA lists & assists? Possibly.
  • Standard Grade Chart? No.

If you hear anyone say that ScientoliPedia promotes offbeat or squirrel practices, please correct them and copy/paste this post for them. Based on my many years in Div 6, Disssem, Sales, Marketing and PR...and as a trained auditor, I know what LRH says is correct. "More communication, not less, is the answer."

Dl8800816:46, October 4, 2012

Here's your opportunity to comment on this controversial topic. Click "reply: or "Start a new discussion" to add to the conversation. (log-in required)

Dl8800814:01, November 14, 2012

Reference Request

I'm looking to verify an HCOB that has been around the freezone for years. It was brought up in the Fishman trial, and if I remember right, it was denyed by the COS.

I always thought it was made up by someone in the freezone in the early days. So since the routing is "Class VIII" and everyone here is a Class VIII has anyone seen this document while doing the Class VIII Course?

I don't want to print the whole thing on the off chance it is real and confidential, but here is enough for anyone one trained to be able to answer the question: Was this on your course?

If it wasn't and you know something about it, that would be good information, too.

                               HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE
                          Saint Hill Manor.  East Grinstead, Sussex
                                 HCO BULLETIN OF 5 MAY 1980
     OT VIII Course Students
     OT OT VIII Auditors
     OT VIII CIS*s
     AO Review Auditors
     AO C/Ses
                                     OT VIII Series I
                                  C O N F I D E N T I A L
                                     STUDENT BRIEFING

By the time you read this I will no longer be occupying the body and identity that you have known as Ron. That identity continues to live in the hearts and minds of many as well as in on-Source tech and admin centers around the planet, and will inspire for years to come Scientologists and lovers of truth every-where.

Thanks, Pat Krenik

Thetagal15:26, August 7, 2012

A reunion of Class VIII's has been publicly announced. Go to the Class VIII Reunion page for details. Comments and discussion are invited here as well.

Dl8800815:57, June 5, 2012

Upgrades and Improvements to the Site

  1. Improved Home page layout
  2. Calendar is now in a calendar format rather than the time-line as it was previously. For now, any event set on an Auditor or Group page will automatically populate the calendar.
  3. Changed the community portal to a Forum. You can carry on conversations about activities or events there. (better than Facebook IMO)
  4. At the urging of Charese Mongiello I took the time to work on the programming for a new way to present Stats. We can present data in Bar, Pie, and Line format now and it can even do a standard, per policy graph (scaled) if anyone wants to monitor something weekly. There's still some programming needed to get the real-time updating of the world-wide auditor stats working so that no manual batch updating is needed. (if someone wanted to take on the job of collecting up global stats and posting them, tabulated monthly, would take an hour max monthly, we could promote that as available immediately) But any auditor or group that wants to add a graph to their page can do so now. It's very easy to update once it's set up on your page. No really, it is very easy. :-)
  5. I just figured out a nifty bit of programming so am sharing my "win" here.

Until just now, when you created a page using one of the Forms and wanted to upload a picture in the infobox, it needed to be re-sized to a small version of the pic prior to upload. Otherwise you could end up with a gigantic pic in the infobox and ruin the whole look of the page. Not everybody could easily do this and I've been trying to figure out how to automatically size the pic so all you have to do is upload it from your computer and not do any re-sizing beforehand. Well, it now works that way.

Upload any pic, any size and it will automatically be re-sized to a standard small pic in the infobox.

You can put the full-size version of the same or other pics in the body of the page like always.This only affects the infobox.

Dl8800818:11, April 20, 2012

"Birth Of The Sea Org"

New articles Joe Van Staden - Birth of the Sea Org, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 just published, what do you think?

Dl8800817:22, April 9, 2012

The Big Move

Edited by another user.
Last edit: 00:43, April 3, 2012

The Global Freedom Center has moved from Elma, Washington to Lancaster, California.

We have expanded to a large Home/Office from which we are delivering Auditor and Administrative Training as well as auditing from Dianetics to New OT VI including Original OT1-Full OT VII, C/S'd by the best C/Ss available in the independent Zone, who are very experienced and can handle any case.

Both Scotty and I have been planning this move for some time now. It entailed finding the right place, with room for our Students and PCs/PREOTs to stay with comfortable and safe auditing facilities, and we wanted to seat at least 20 Students and not only that it had to be on a very stringent budget. Mission accomplished, after much work and just the two of us doing the move.

I lucked out; Scotty towed his Z Car with the moving truck and he drove the truck. I drove Elinore, the Buick Park Avenue. I dare say the drive was much better for me than it was for Scotty. And we made it in record time considering. We will be ready to deliver training to Class VI OEC and of course OT Reviews, NOTs, Grades, and NED; All 100% LRH with two Class VIII CS's and a highly trained Sr. C/S within about a week. Right now, as of 2 April 2012, we are unpacking and resting up.

We of course welcome phone calls (661 802 7095 or Cell: 253 508 6272. Or Email Skype me at Timezoner66.

If one is looking for standard, high ARC Training and or Auditing one will find that very good at what we do. We have a lot of success stories to post, we just have to find the time to do so. Come and visit, see what we have to offer, and get a free consultation while you're here.

Thanks for reading,and do visit or call.

Roy Selby Class IX FEBC (Apollo)

Roy402123:56, April 2, 2012

Very cool Roy, congrats on the move. If you notice above, I turned your name into a link to your page here on the site. Whenever you post success stories or articles and want to leave a link to your page, just put double square brackets on either side of your name like this - "[[Roy Selby]]".

Dl8800800:47, April 3, 2012


Most people reading this probably know that "Briefing" is code for "reg cycle" (doncha missem? ♥) and it's time for a "briefing" regarding this project.

Since launch three months ago we've served up 10,000 page views of good news about LRH, Scientology, Scientologists and the Tech. The site-ranking is gaining steadily with an improvement of about 1000 points or more per day on Alexa. (almost under 200k now) The fact that more and more people are discovering the site and contributing content is fantastic and exactly what makes the wiki different. We're still in the incubation stage but I think the concept has been validated beyond doubt. We are well on our way to creating THE highest ranked site on the subject matter.

In order to keep growing, the site needs funding. That's just simple common sense. I had previously set an arbitrary target of getting the rankings under 100k before really pushing any fundraising...but some needs have arisen with time deadlines which have prompted me to actively push at this time. Some of those needs involve monthly commitments and so I have added a subscription plan along with a straight dono option. (below) I've compared this project to Wikipedia many times because we use the same software and have the same global potential. If we also look at the funding they receive, it's quite obvious it won't happen without contributions of many types, including financial.

Contact me privately if you have any questions about this. I am always open to suggestions on how to secure the stable and predictable growth we've seen since launch. This link has more info.

Dl8800821:13, March 30, 2012

From Facebook - Pat Krenik wrote - Hi, David. Thank you for the debriefing.:)

Ok, I got that you need money, so I hope you have a big mailing list. Money seems to be a lot tighter; people holding on to it and looking for bargains.

Love, Pat

My answer

Hi Pat, I have to clarify that it is not a matter of "I got that you need money" as you say, I'm doing fine actually. But I have been trying to demonstrate and point out some things that are new to the general Scientology landscape.

Besides all the information about ScientoliPedia being a new technology and approach to creating websites, no one had pointed out how all of the several hundred existing websites devoted to the subject of Scientology were either not attracting new people to them due to low rankings or were devoted to the conflict and chaos or, as in the case of, were a trap and a scam. So the idea of creating a dominant site putting forth a positive image and one that achieves very high search rankings was / is a new idea. I found a way to create a presence for "Field" Scientologists that can actually dominate the search engine real estate and drive many many people to Field practitioners.

It's a big project. All I've been doing so far is giving it a jump-start so people can see that it can be done.

But like Wikipedia, PBS or any number of other cultural activities, to make it to the big time is going to take money. More money than I have and more participation than we have now. The participation has been coming along nicely and more and more people are coming on board every day. The funding needs to grow as well if it's going to get out of the "mom & pop" zone of influence and scope. I'm thinking big.

I sold Research In Motion (RIM - maker of the Blackberry) their first Enterprise Class software application back in 1998 before they launched and went public. I've dealt with Enterprise Class applications and the corporate global environment. And that's what I'm trying to elevate this project to.

Dl8800822:27, March 30, 2012

Win for this site

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Last edit: 17:21, March 24, 2012

Major win for the site!!!♥♥♥ I've been going crazy trying to get an Extension added to the site (enhancements to the functionality are called Extensions). What I was trying to get installed was a very advanced discussion threading system, like a forum, that will raise the communication capabilities 100x. (turns out there was a software bug and it was not me being stupid after all. lol) It works on every Article, Auditor page, Category...every page now has a very slick Blogging - Forum type capability. (Discussion Page) I know it's going to take a while for people to get used using it and I'll have to create a tutorial, but for those of you brave souls willing to venture into the terrible unknown universe of wiki's, please give it a try.

Tip: Must be logged-in user to start new topics or comment & the system will automatically notify you if anyone comments or reply's to your pasts. (top of any page "My messages")

Dl8800821:33, March 16, 2012

The "WATCH" function is right next to the search box. Click the down arrow and select "watch" and from then on any changes to the page will show up on your Watchlist. (top of the page)

Dl8800821:34, March 16, 2012

When someone replies to one of your posts or comments, the system will automatically leave you a notice you have a new message at the top of the page when you log into the site. Makes it easy to keep up with threads you post on.

If you just want to follow a conversation, "Watch" the page as described above.

Dl8800800:25, March 20, 2012

IFA is now APIS

Michael Moore just announced that The International Freezone Association has changed it's name to APIS The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists..."In order to reflect our true position in relation to the works of L. Ron Hubbard" according to Michael.

You can find out more about this Professional Association here (note the name change hasn't occurred yet as this is a new announcement)

Dl8800823:46, March 19, 2012

The Class VIII Registry

The Class VIII Registry has been created to put together the definitive listing of Class VIII's in the world.

Please help build this registry so people can find these top tech terminals and avail themselves of their services.

Dl8800808:45, March 17, 2012