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Roy Selby
Birthdate 10/05
Birthday October 5, 1944
Deceased Yes
Died on 19th Nov 2013
Nationality US

obituary[edit | edit source]

Roy was a mainstay of APIS and a true leader. He was a staunch supporter of standard tech and would brook no reasonableness in his adherence to the philosophy and technology of Scientology. No one says it better than Roy:

"One thing I realized sincerely is that us early trained Scientologist have a huge job to do. We aren't done yet. Body death is our enemy. We are all in our latter years and death could win if we let it. I am one of those guys, and I am not modest about it. We MUST TRAIN AND AUDIT OTHERS TO APPLY TRUE TECHNOLOGY IN THE FUTURE, ONCE WE ARE FORCED TO LEAVE AND START OVER. The original tech must further mankind to freedom of aberration. The new stuff by Miscavige doesn't work. Fighting the church may be some forte, but not for me. I need to train and audit others and help my peers. Believe me, this small group of unknown in the FZ people need help and (this next word is an end word to some) organization to do its job. Training and processing ARE available by these veterans is waiting to further their agenda of the future. LRH's postulates must be furthered. This above is why I am still here and plan to continue for some time."

Thank you for being with us Roy and for your support and encouragement and for your unswerving dedication to the tech and to Ron. Happy trails in the future and may you continue to live in exciting times and enjoy new challenges.

Michael - Founder, APIS

about[edit | edit source]

He started Scientology in 1970 at San Francisco Org, where he completed Class Four Graduate training and internships under a Class IX CS and audited in the Foundation Org HGC as well as day Org Staff. Eventually Roy completed Class V Graduate and internships, with AOLA OKs to audit OTs attained in 1977-78. Roy was sent to Flag by San Francisco Org in October of 1974 and completed the Flag Executive Briefing Course and other administrative courses before returning to SFO Day as Exec Director.

"I grew up in the world of LRH Tech, holding the posts of Course Supervisor, Director of Training, Technical Secretary and Review Auditor at San Francisco. I am Pro LRH and do my best to deliver Standard Tech."

Roy has an impressive resume as follows:

San Francisco Org in 1970 as a HAS (comm course) Supervisor after doing the Mini Course Supervisors' Course. Shortly after completing the Hubbard Professional Course Supervisors' Course and internship, Roy was Academy Supervisor, then Director of Training for San Francisco Day Org.

He then spent three years as Tech Sec, during which time he completed the Primary Rundown. He then also completed HSDC and Academy Levels 0-4 under the Class IX CS and audited in the Foundation Org for the duration as well as Day Org Tech Sec.

Roy has also completed the Graduate Class IV CS and Internship. In 1974 he completed the Org Exec Course and Internship at San Francisco, and in October of that year was sent to the Apollo (Flagship) to train on the Flag Executive Briefing Course and the new Data Series Evaluators' Course, along with an internship in the Flag Bureaux, working with top management.

Roy has a impressive number of interned permanent completions:

  • Grad V and all actions/courses to that level except NOTs
  • FEBC Permanent
  • OEC Permanent
  • DSEC Permanent
  • HPCSC Permanent

He is also a Fully Hatted Tech Sec, D of T, Course Supervisor, D of P, OES and ED permanent. He also holds the HES post for the Association of Professional Independent Scientologists (APIS), a not for profit philosophical association.

He also did some other courses, and completed at AOLA, the Original Full OT VII, all prior to 1976.

from Roy's auditor page[edit | edit source]

Greetings; Allow me to introduce to those who aren't aware of our group already, a Pro LRH environment which has both auditing and training available in the LA County area, as well as lodging available in the same location for extended stays.

The group offers Auditor training and Certification to Class VI and Ned for OT's, professionally Supervised and Professionally CS'd. Our CS's are Class VIII and above and specialize in training Students to a professional level, enabling one to counsel others professionally to the level of training completed.

We offer complete Grade Chart auditing including the Solo Auditor's Course and Solo OT Levels, professional Case Supervision through New OT VII as well as all of the "Original" OT Levels. We deliver OT reviews, OT Rundowns including New OT V, VI and VII as well as any review and special Rundowns including Expanded Dianetics.

We also specialize in clean-up and repair of past unpleasant experiences in the church with many rave reviews and successes.

Technical Individual Programs are of course available at nominal fees.

Once again we are strictly a Pro-LRH delivery service, we do not alter his technology.

More Info at APIS Website

success stories[edit | edit source]