Positive Postulates

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Positive Postulates

A new page, the Positive Postulate Page was started today to be used as a focal point for Scientologists and others to find information about people who are struggling with serious illnesses and dramatic life situations.

The idea is to use the power of positive postulates to help them overcome their adversity.

Using positive energy, prayer, and an upbeat, happy and healty thought process toward healing is not a new one. Gaining certainty that one can have a positive effect by directing ones own or a groups combined "energy" toward a specific target as an effective means in helping that target person is a step up from merely "wishing" or simply thinking general thoughts.

Scientologists should be the opinion leaders in this area but due to the lack of leadership from the corporate church over the past few decades, others have pioneered and been the driving force in implementing and demonstrating the workability of the concept.

The effort here on this website is a step in the direction of Scientologists making a statement that we are happy to join with all peoples, faiths, creeds and belief systems to lend our knowledge and agreement with the idea that yes indeed, thought can control and modify matter and healing can occur with decision and positive attitudes.

What are your thoughts?

Dl8800804:56, March 28, 2013