Upgrades and Improvements to the Site

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Upgrades and Improvements to the Site

  1. Improved Home page layout
  2. Calendar is now in a calendar format rather than the time-line as it was previously. For now, any event set on an Auditor or Group page will automatically populate the calendar.
  3. Changed the community portal to a Forum. You can carry on conversations about activities or events there. (better than Facebook IMO)
  4. At the urging of Charese Mongiello I took the time to work on the programming for a new way to present Stats. We can present data in Bar, Pie, and Line format now and it can even do a standard, per policy graph (scaled) if anyone wants to monitor something weekly. There's still some programming needed to get the real-time updating of the world-wide auditor stats working so that no manual batch updating is needed. (if someone wanted to take on the job of collecting up global stats and posting them, tabulated monthly, would take an hour max monthly, we could promote that as available immediately) But any auditor or group that wants to add a graph to their page can do so now. It's very easy to update once it's set up on your page. No really, it is very easy. :-)
  5. I just figured out a nifty bit of programming so am sharing my "win" here.

Until just now, when you created a page using one of the Forms and wanted to upload a picture in the infobox, it needed to be re-sized to a small version of the pic prior to upload. Otherwise you could end up with a gigantic pic in the infobox and ruin the whole look of the page. Not everybody could easily do this and I've been trying to figure out how to automatically size the pic so all you have to do is upload it from your computer and not do any re-sizing beforehand. Well, it now works that way.

Upload any pic, any size and it will automatically be re-sized to a standard small pic in the infobox.

You can put the full-size version of the same or other pics in the body of the page like always.This only affects the infobox.

Dl8800818:11, April 20, 2012