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Most people reading this probably know that "Briefing" is code for "reg cycle" (doncha missem? ♥) and it's time for a "briefing" regarding this project.

Since launch three months ago we've served up 10,000 page views of good news about LRH, Scientology, Scientologists and the Tech. The site-ranking is gaining steadily with an improvement of about 1000 points or more per day on Alexa. (almost under 200k now) The fact that more and more people are discovering the site and contributing content is fantastic and exactly what makes the wiki different. We're still in the incubation stage but I think the concept has been validated beyond doubt. We are well on our way to creating THE highest ranked site on the subject matter.

In order to keep growing, the site needs funding. That's just simple common sense. I had previously set an arbitrary target of getting the rankings under 100k before really pushing any fundraising...but some needs have arisen with time deadlines which have prompted me to actively push at this time. Some of those needs involve monthly commitments and so I have added a subscription plan along with a straight dono option. (below) I've compared this project to Wikipedia many times because we use the same software and have the same global potential. If we also look at the funding they receive, it's quite obvious it won't happen without contributions of many types, including financial.

Contact me privately if you have any questions about this. I am always open to suggestions on how to secure the stable and predictable growth we've seen since launch. This link has more info.

Dl8800821:13, March 30, 2012

From Facebook - Pat Krenik wrote - Hi, David. Thank you for the debriefing.:)

Ok, I got that you need money, so I hope you have a big mailing list. Money seems to be a lot tighter; people holding on to it and looking for bargains.

Love, Pat

My answer

Hi Pat, I have to clarify that it is not a matter of "I got that you need money" as you say, I'm doing fine actually. But I have been trying to demonstrate and point out some things that are new to the general Scientology landscape.

Besides all the information about ScientoliPedia being a new technology and approach to creating websites, no one had pointed out how all of the several hundred existing websites devoted to the subject of Scientology were either not attracting new people to them due to low rankings or were devoted to the conflict and chaos or, as in the case of scientology.org, were a trap and a scam. So the idea of creating a dominant site putting forth a positive image and one that achieves very high search rankings was / is a new idea. I found a way to create a presence for "Field" Scientologists that can actually dominate the search engine real estate and drive many many people to Field practitioners.

It's a big project. All I've been doing so far is giving it a jump-start so people can see that it can be done.

But like Wikipedia, PBS or any number of other cultural activities, to make it to the big time is going to take money. More money than I have and more participation than we have now. The participation has been coming along nicely and more and more people are coming on board every day. The funding needs to grow as well if it's going to get out of the "mom & pop" zone of influence and scope. I'm thinking big.

I sold Research In Motion (RIM - maker of the Blackberry) their first Enterprise Class software application back in 1998 before they launched and went public. I've dealt with Enterprise Class applications and the corporate global environment. And that's what I'm trying to elevate this project to.

Dl8800822:27, March 30, 2012