The Big Move

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The Big Move

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The Global Freedom Center has moved from Elma, Washington to Lancaster, California.

We have expanded to a large Home/Office from which we are delivering Auditor and Administrative Training as well as auditing from Dianetics to New OT VI including Original OT1-Full OT VII, C/S'd by the best C/Ss available in the independent Zone, who are very experienced and can handle any case.

Both Scotty and I have been planning this move for some time now. It entailed finding the right place, with room for our Students and PCs/PREOTs to stay with comfortable and safe auditing facilities, and we wanted to seat at least 20 Students and not only that it had to be on a very stringent budget. Mission accomplished, after much work and just the two of us doing the move.

I lucked out; Scotty towed his Z Car with the moving truck and he drove the truck. I drove Elinore, the Buick Park Avenue. I dare say the drive was much better for me than it was for Scotty. And we made it in record time considering. We will be ready to deliver training to Class VI OEC and of course OT Reviews, NOTs, Grades, and NED; All 100% LRH with two Class VIII CS's and a highly trained Sr. C/S within about a week. Right now, as of 2 April 2012, we are unpacking and resting up.

We of course welcome phone calls (661 802 7095 or Cell: 253 508 6272. Or Email Skype me at Timezoner66.

If one is looking for standard, high ARC Training and or Auditing one will find that very good at what we do. We have a lot of success stories to post, we just have to find the time to do so. Come and visit, see what we have to offer, and get a free consultation while you're here.

Thanks for reading,and do visit or call.

Roy Selby Class IX FEBC (Apollo)

Roy402123:56, April 2, 2012

Very cool Roy, congrats on the move. If you notice above, I turned your name into a link to your page here on the site. Whenever you post success stories or articles and want to leave a link to your page, just put double square brackets on either side of your name like this - "[[Roy Selby]]".

Dl8800800:47, April 3, 2012