Class VIII Reunion

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Class VIII Reunion
Class VIII Reunion
Date 2012/07/14
Country US
State CA
City Los Angeles
Website Class VIII Registry
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""We're trying to get tech in on the planet. We're trying to audit out the 4th Dynamic engram and furnish an environment in which it can be done. And naturally, we have to make sure that it also gets audited.
There has to be such a thing, somebody has to know there is such a thing, and he has to be able to demonstrate that that thing is beneficial and is something that should be preserved. Then he has to hold the fort long enough to get it in." - From Class VIII tape 13, "Ethics and Case Supervision"
"There is something here in Standard Tech. It is the exact Auditor’s Code, the exact TRs, the exact processes, the 100% result." - From HCOB 20 Oct 68, "The Purpose of Class VIII"
Karen de la Carriere, Class XII auditor & C/S

description[edit | edit source]

This event is for Class VIIIs whether still active and practicing, or not. It is an opportunity to connect up with former friends and classmates, to socialize and network with peers and colleagues, and perhaps to revisit purposes. There will be guest speakers and discussions and, of course, food and refreshments. Spouses of Class VIIIs are welcome to attend.

Trey Lotz, Class VIII auditor

Note: Please see The Class VIII Registry to verify yourself or any other Class VIII's who are or should be listed. Forward names and contact information for any not on the list and who should be invited to the reunion.

Ken Urquhart, LRH Personal Assistant and Communicator for many years.

guest speakers[edit | edit source]

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date(s)[edit | edit source]

July 14 - 15, 2012

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location[edit | edit source]

Los Angeles area...invitees will be notified.

contact[edit | edit source]

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