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New Voices[edit | edit source]

ScientologyOTC (outside the church) is finding its voice with some recent media productions featuring prominent representatives of the "Independent" / "Freezone" / "Ron's Org" contingents of people practicing, and loving, the subject of Scientology.

For years the media and press about "Scientology" has been monopolized by certain infamous, notorious and dissafected former Sea Org executives and staff - all of whom failed to DIFFERENTIATE between a dysfunctional and criminal organization and the SUBJECT of Scientology itself.

Below are some signs this unfortunate situation is about to change.

Podcast[edit | edit source]


Our very own David LaCroix (creator of was interviewed on the popular 'Come Get Sum' Blog Talk-Radio show produced by non-Scientologist Chris C.

Chris is an example of someone who has never been exposed to real Scientology and whose only source of information has come from those who write about it and its founder. In other words, all of his understanding of the subject and the "church" is second hand information - distorted purposefully in many cases - coming from so-called "experts" on the subject.

Don't miss these interviews because Mr. LaCroix puts on a literal clinic on how to talk to the press about our "controversial" religion and its founder.

part 1[edit | edit source]

Chris asks a wide range of questions about Exteriorization (the phenomena of a person experiencing an out-of-body view of surroundings), L Ron Hubbard, Overboarding, Fairgame and more.

Most importantly, to differentiate between policies and activities of the "church" of Scientology and those of the subject of Scientology.

Mr. LaCroix answers these from his background as a professional practitioner of Scientology while drawing on his forty-five years of experience in the subject.

Note: the answers given regarding OT perception while exterior are "acceptably" true enough. However, a full discussion of OT capabilities is neither prudent nor safe for numerous reasons.

part 2[edit | edit source]

Part two starts out with a discussion of the controversial and, to some, the bizarrely sci-fi'ish OT III creationist story which has circulated around the Interwebz.

Mr. LaCroix addresses this while also pointing out many contradictions between the "hate-mongers" selective attacks on L Ron Hubbard and the "churches" activities in covering up criminal activities while cheering for one of the very people who orchestrated those abuses for decades while never having been held to account for his decades long criminal past.

Sure to be talked about and debated - don't miss the frank ad open discussion of some of the toughest issues surrounding the Scientology religion.

CNN Believer[edit | edit source]


CNN's "Believer" Series, hosted by Reza Aslan, Features Scientology Outside the Church from a religious scholar's perspective.

He investigates practitioners who've broken away from the "church" and also examines the religious bonifides of the Scientology religion when viewed in an historical context in comparison to other faiths.

Aired Sunday, March 26, and featured Trey Lotz, Rey Robles, Tim Swanson and Randy Smith and the folks at the Dror Center in Israel.

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