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Scientology and Dianetics are their own subjects and there are no real comparisons to them. They deal with the reactive mind and the abilities of the being. They have precise techniques to handle various life situations and what you might call ailments of spiritual beings.

Having a great deal of certainty about what Dianetics and Scientology can do to help people, does not mean it's the only thing or group that is dedicated to improving life and the world around us.

We know that the vast and overwhelming majority of people and beings are social personalities. Only a small small percentage are working to cause harm.

Unfortunately, that small percentage can be very clever at creating conflict and are skilled at getting the majority of good guys to battle amongst themselves.

Our role, I think, is to make allies and friends amongst the world's great innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of social betterment.

We are not in opposition to anyone trying to help mankind straighten out this cockeyed planet.

We should be offering our assistance to betterment activities and not putting ourselves in an opposing position. That only plays into the hands of those who benefit and profit from conflict and strife.

We have a lot to offer. We should never minimize or devaluate the knowledge and skills we have.

If we offer assistance with humility rather than arrogance, I think we will find many who are eager to welcome our contributions.

A new civilization will not come about via individuated pockets of well-meaning people in conflict with each other.

That's the old game.

We need a new game.

Dave LaCroix


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