Ruth Minshull

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Ruth Minshull
Nationality American
Occupation Author

"Early in 1951 a close friend gave me a book called Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, by an American writer and philosopher, L Ron Hubbard (who later founded the international Church of Scientology). This enlightening book exposed the major cause and remedy of man’s miseries. In addition, however, Ron Hubbard also reported his first research in an entirely new field of study: the classification and prediction of human behavior."[1]

" Ruth Minshull was a writer of Scientology also. She produced a number of books that were very well received, even sold with the approval of the Founder, Lafayette Ron Hubbard. Since his demise these books have stopped being promoted by the Church.

LRH letter to Ruth (click to enlarge)

Here are two of her books freely offered as study material e-books only for those interested in her contribution to scientology. They are based entirely on the works and philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard and were originally approved by him.

Miracles for Breakfast. A book about bringing up children. this has been somewhat of a life savior for many people suddenly confronted by these strange strong willed beings called children.

Ups and Downs is another book by Ruth Minshull. This one covers the PTS phenomena and is a good understanding of this phenomena and how to deal with it.

Since the death of the Founder, Lafayette Ron Hubbard her books have been removed from the Church's bookstores."[2]

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