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Excerpt[edit | edit source]

"Rawl glanced at the folder he held.

”These ideas are: personal income tax, credit records, fingerprinting all citizens, identity cards, passports.”

An angry mutter swept through the hall.

Rawl dropped the folder. He lifted his head. ”For thousands of years we have done without these things and done well. Yet today, by executive order, we find them instituted and enforced on every planet of the Galactic Confederation.

Chi bent and whispered urgently into Xenu’s ear.

Suavely Xenu smiled. ”These are lawless times. It is the executive responsibility to keep the realm peaceful, prosperous and calm.” He tented his fingers and assumed an attitude of stating a fact that everybody knew and only an idiot would disagree with.

”By making it possible to identify every citizen swiftly we can catch criminals at once!”

In the back of the hall a grey-haired officer leaped to his feet. ”If this identity system is so successful, then why is it that during the last eight years, crime throughout this Galaxy has multiplied five times?”

Rawl raised his hand in a signal. The doors at the rear of the hall crashed open and six page-boys, each one pushing a wheeled table, raced in and rushed to the front of the room.

The tables, each one piled high with documents and reports were rapidly positioned before Rawl.

Rawl swept his hand indicating the tables. ”The Congressional Committees have not been idle, ” said Rawl. ”Here, Your Excellency, are the crime records of all seventy- six planets for the past ten years. Here also are the complaints and petitions of those planets. Here, as well, are the financial records and appalling rate of inflation of the Galaxy.”

Excerpt from Revolt In the Stars by L Ron Hubbard

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The book in PDF format HERE

back story[edit | edit source]

Written in 1975(6)?, the book was... (needs data)

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I'll bet Star Wars (1977) stole some momentum from this effort by tapping into some of that whole track drama better than Ron's movie could. George Lucas was channeling something from "A LONG TIME AGO..."

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