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Religious Liberty League
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Mission Statement - Religious Liberty League

  • To promote adherence to the principles of respect, tolerance and inclusion for Scientology, Scientologists and founder L. Ron Hubbard.
  • To draw a distinction in the minds of the general public between the “churches” of Scientology, which are currently the alter ego of David Miscavige, and the “religion” or philosophy of Scientology.
  • To target, expose and eliminate the abuses, corruption and criminality of David Miscavige, which include, among other things: the usurpation of checks and balances over the churches of Scientology; a reign of cruelty and domination in the name of Scientology in furtherance of a personal or other agenda; abandonment of the aims of Scientology (i.e., delivery of Scientology services) in favor of material objectives of amassed but unearned wealth, grand buildings, and status based on contributions to these material objectives; and the alteration of the religion of Scientology (Standard Technology).
  • To cause reform of the churches of Scientology through the implementation of checks and balances intended by L Ron Hubbard and an internal investigation, conducted independently of David Miscavige and persons acting under his control, into charges of physical abuse, inhumane treatment, corruption and criminality leveled against Miscavige by a large number of former high-ranking Sea Org members and executives.
  • To publicly decry the oppressive policy and practice of disconnection and to cause its abolishment.
  • To cause the re-institution of L. Ron Hubbard’s 1968 Reform Code of Scientology, which abolished the policies of disconnection, fair game and security checks.
  • To preserve the inalienable right of all persons to practice the religion of Scientology as developed by L. Ron Hubbard free from any and all infringements of that right, to whatever degree, including the propagation of hatred, prejudice and exclusion against the religion from whatever quarter. (Criticism of demonstrable and provable abuses, corruption and criminality of persons or institutions who profess to act in the name of Scientology is not considered an infringement).
  • To obtain and maintain the tax-exempt status of Scientology organizations that practice the religion of Scientology in the United States, and, if the IRS initiates a revocation proceeding against the churches of Scientology in response to current public calls for revocation, to urge the imposition of intermediate sanctions against David Miscavige and require the implementation of checks and balances called for in the original bylaws of the governing corporation – and/or require the reconstitution of those boards by Scientologists untainted by the corruption of the Miscavige regime.
  • To support the efforts to identify and publicize the alterations of Scientology technology by David Miscavige and to compile and make available to the general public the correct technology as developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

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