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The book "Scientology 0-8" is called the book of basics because it's a compilation of the basic axioms and principals of the philosophy underlying Scientology.

It contains the philosophical underpinning such as the Axioms, Q's and The Factors, the codes and creed of the church, as well as all the scales, like The Tone Scale, which run parallel to and mirror the mind and being.

The book is used as a handy reference source for students with its easy-to-find list of all the Scientology basics. FREE DOWNLOADS

A History of Man
A New Slant on Life
Advanced Procedure and Axioms
All About Radiation
Axioms of Scientology
Basic Study Manual
Book of Case Remedies
Books – Scientology – LRH
Brainwashing - the book
Child Dianetics
Clear Body Clear Mind
Creation of Human Ability
Dianetics 55
Dianetics Evolution of a Science
Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health
Dianetics The Original Thesis
Dianetics Today
E Meter Essentials
Handbook for Preclears
Have You Lived Before This Life
How to Live Though an Executive
Hymn of Asia
Marriage Hats
Mission Into Time
Notes on the Lectures