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MilestoneTwo Scientology
Description Scientology Association
Contact Lana Mitchell
Country AU
International Yes
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Milestone 2 (Milestonetwo.orgShort for organization. (HCO PL 8 Sept 69)) is a Scientology on-lineThe military type of organization form whereby there is a definite ascending and descending chain of command. Orders pass from top management down the line of command and compliances and data pass on up without by-passing the chain of command. (Modern Management Defined (c) L. Ron Hubbard, 1976) membership community. Its activities are carried out across the planet and it has no fixed location. Access to the Milestone 2 fraternity, support, services, library, groups and forums, is through membership only.

What are the objectives and purposes of Milestone Two?

  • To foster an open enterprise virtual platform for a broad and supportive international fellowship and community, uniting people to use the tools and technologies of L. Ron Hubbard on a daily basis to better conditions in the world, and to help themselves.
  • To preserve and protect and correctly use the original spiritual philosophy and technologies developed by L. Ron Hubbard in order to secure this path to spiritual freedom for all those who wish to walk it.
  • To support an abundance of network communication1. the consideration and action of impelling an impulse or particle from source point across a distance to receipt point with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt point a duplication and understanding of that which emanated from the source point. (HCOB 5 Apr 73)...more lines to achieve the aims of the fraternity and to maintain inviting, supportive, honest and transparent communications for any who are interested in participating or wishing to learn of Milestone Two activities.
  • To support making training and qualifications services readily available across the planet, through the Milestone Two membership fraternity, to maintain the standard application of L. Ron Hubbard’s auditingThe application of Scientology processes and procedures to someone by a trained auditor. (Dianetics & Scientology Technical Dictionary (C) 1975), ethics1. The rules or standards governing the conduct of the members of a profession. (HCO PL 3 May 72). 2. A system of removing the counter-effort to the forward push. (6711C18SO) and management technologies.
  • To provide support for Field Auditors, groups and organizations so they can obtain and maintain high technical standards and thus ensure their effectiveness and prosperity.
  • To initiate broad-reaching dissemination programs that individual members can use to introduce people to L. Ron Hubbard, his philosophies, and the technologies he developed.
  • To support an inter-faith program, promoting tolerance, cooperation, care and understanding as integral aspects to any movement that pursues ethical purposes.
  • To support the ongoing whistle-blower program on abuses and corruption of L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries and technologies, making clear delineation between such and the body of work itself.

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