Association of Free Scientologists Israel

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Association of Free Scientologists Israel
Description Independent Scientologists in Israel
Contact Tsipi Andersen
Country IL
International Yes
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We are the “Association of Free Scientologists Israel.” (Association registered in Israel, number 580573376.)

This association was formed by myself, Tsipi Andersen, and my fellow independent Scientologists in Israel. Our goal is to ensure Ron Hubbard’s Tech remains standard and available to all. We intend to make it possible for every person to reach the State of OT without interruptions, smoothly and with great wins. For AFSI’s goals, see below.

In policy letter of 7 February 1965, “Keeping Scientology Working”‘ LRH states: “IT IS THE BUSINESS OF EVERY STAFF MEMBER to enforce it”… “NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN SCIENTOLOGY, ON STAFF OR NOT, THIS POLICY LETTER HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOU.”… “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

Based on our commitment to Ron Hubbard and to the aims of Scientology, “To make the able more able”, we continue to apply, to teach and to disseminate Scientology. Thus we help ourselves and others to improve our lives.

We, members of the Association of Free Scientologists in Israel, came to realize that the only way to apply Scientology standardly and without interruption is outside the Church of Scientology. This is unfortunate yet true!

We are Scientologist who see daily that the management of the Church of Scientology, contrary to the writings of Ron Hubbard, enters out-tech and out-ethics. Thus, in fact, Dianetics and Scientology are being destroyed within the CoS. The source of Scientology is Ron Hubbard. We apply the technology of Scientology in our daily lives exactly as Ron would expect. In Israel and throughout the world there are independent Advanced Orgs that apply standard tech, the complete Bridge, both sides.

This site contains information concerning what is happening in the world and in Israel regarding Scientology. Additionally, it contains a blog that invites each and every one of you to share his ideas, wins, feelings and experiences in life as a Scientologist.

We wish the writers and readers of this site a new and prosperous era of free communication and a better future to Scientologists and to humanity at large.

Tsipi Andersen, Managing Director,

Association of Free Scientologists Israel