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Scientology Muster
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Scientology Muster
Description Facebook Group which connects Scientologists around the world
Contact Charese Mongiello
Country US
International Yes
Social Media!/profile.php?id=100003165474706
Phone 951-833-8498
Event March 15, 2014
Event Info LRH Birthday Party, LA CA. join us for good food and drinks Saturday the 15th of March

Purpose: To generate new Scientologists and to have a place to bring friends that are old and new Scietologists to meet communicate and find places to further their progress up the bridge. To grow Scientology by getting the word out to the planet, and therefore build our field auditors and missions! Also to meet and connect with fellow Scientologists and people interested in Scientology! I also Have a blog hope to see you there!

Founder Charese Mongiello

Furthermore: To muster all Scientologists in the world to stay connected on L.R.H. Tech. We encourage all Scientologists to share stories of how you first discovered Scientology, your journey, and where you are today. All communications are welcome as long as you identify yourself. Your communication will speak for itself, and all will judge you for what you are saying. You are responsible for the condition you are in. Posting confidential tech is prohibited, this is an open public forum designed to encourage the successful application of Scientology in your environment. We further understand that L.R.H. gave his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor in order to give us the technology to free mankind. Let's not throw all that away. We have no fight with any group, inside or outside of the Church. Scientology is for those who have the wisdom and knowledge to use it. This datum applies to ALL groups. The public and staff, alike, will leave any group that is not delivering L.R.H. tech. “A primary trap is to succumb to invitations to hate.” -- What is greatness by L.R.H. There are millions of Scientologists in the world who are inactive for a myriad of reasons. Scientology Muster is here to connect them to others who can help them move up the bridge, lets not get side tracked, if you do, those who pulled you away from that goal have won. Bob Mongiello

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