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Alan C. Walter
Alan in classroom.jpg
Birthdate December, 1935
Birth info Suburbs of London, England
Deceased Yes
Died on November, 2009
info Mouth and Esophogeal cancer
Nationality English
Posts Multiple Mission Holder, Honorary SO Officer
Case Level S/NOTs
Training Level ClassVIII and FEBC

NOTE: This article discusses an offshoot. Offshoots are considered something OTHER than Scientology, as they were not developed by L. Ron Hubbard, and they have never been practiced in any Scientology Church.

Alan Walter was one of many famous Scientologist trained on the original St. Hill Special Briefing Course in the 60s at St Hill. He later went on to run franchises (later known as missions) in the USA. He also corresponded widely and sometimes pointedly on the early Freezone forums and chat boxes and lists.

Biography by:Roger Boswarva.

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Alan was born in the suburbs of London, England, in December 1935 in a working class family who migrated to Australia after WWII. Being in a working class family gave him the cultural thinking of “learning a trade to get a good job,” and accordingly the trade he entered was that of a compositor and typesetter in the newspaper industry.

First Scientology[edit | edit source]

Alan also played professional Australian Rules Football and hence, as a trained athlete, he was very interested in improved performance. And it was in this context that he attended the Melbourne HASI one evening for the “Personal Efficiency Course.” As Alan related this part of his career, he told us of being in a room full of people with a very young, plain looking and plump girl, holding the attention of all those people and ordering them about doing group processes. He relates that this feat so impressed him that it determined him to “want that ability.” The “young, plain looking and plump girl” was Ivis Lampert, later to marry Bob Bolger, both of whom have been famous St. Hill [England] executives for decades.

On arriving at the Registrar to buy services, Alan found he simply did not have enough money to do the HPA (apart from the HQS Course, the HPA was the only course available in those days.) Luckily, one of the most stellar and caring old pros to hold the Registrar post was Ron Masters who seemed to have the knack of inspiring folks to make it go right. Alan at first was flummoxed at the amount it would cost for the course and expenses to be off work for the eight weeks of the course. But as he was outside after leaving the HASI, it came to him as an insight that he should do a deal with a company he had invested in to sell its product himself, directly, door to door.

Alan did his HPA in Melbourne sometime in early ’61, and immediately took off to do the SHSBC (only in England at that time).

Alan and Roger Meet[edit | edit source]

I first met Alan Walter in the late spring of 1963 or early ‘64 in Melbourne, Australia. Alan always tried to tell me it was 1961, but I know it had to be later because of what he mentioned in our conversation that day.

I’d been in Scientology since 1957 in Sydney, and done my HPA in Melbourne in April, 1960 and was on Melbourne Foundation staff in ’63. During the daytime I ran my advertising and marketing business.

When I met Alan in ’63-‘64, he had colossally impressive presence. He was tall, around 6’2” lean, but solid. But it was the spiritual presence that was so impressive. On meeting we instantly hit it off. It was here I learned what he’d been up to. He had attended the original SHSBC, actually processed LRH, giving LRH a repair session to sort out a goofed own goal GPM line-plot (MSH had audited the messed up line-plot); then as an SHSBC grad returned to Melbourne by way of Perth where he set up a field auditing practice for a couple of months auditing twelve-plus hours a day. I asked him what he ran on these PCs. He replied: “CCHs and Serfacs.” I remember the date of the conversation because it was after the release of the September, ’63 version of Serfac handling. “Why were you running those two processes when you have all the tech from the SHSBC?” I asked.

“Because they work.” His reply was with such certainty and power, it was actually a little stunning, but then this guy was into success and accomplishment, and it showed with everything he did and said.

I remember him telling me how he raised the money to afford his trip to England and the time on course. It was the realization he had after leaving the meeting with Ron Masters who had simply told Alan with all the calm certainty that Alan would raise the money. Alan took an agency to sell a product door to door to small businesses. It also turned out that Alan had to learn to sell which, in and of itself is an example of his capacity to make things go right and succeed.

In that meeting, Alan told me he had been earning £4,000 weekly. Four thousand Australian Pounds in 1960-‘61 was roughly four-times the average ANNUAL salary of tradesmen working for a boss . . . it was truly a colossal sum to be pulling off in earnings. I remember Alan telling me in a manner such that he expected me to refute the figure (as many had disputed him on this in the past).

“Boy! What the hell are you selling? I’m doing around £150 a week (7 times tradesmen’s income) selling advertising,” I replied. And by conventional standards, Alan acknowledged, that too was very decent income.

USA[edit | edit source]

Alan's first public lecture in Dallas in 1964.

I relate the above to convey the colossal ability of the man. To be true, his spiritual “beam power” and presence was awesome. He could influence an area simply by his presence and emanated thought. He was also the consummate salesman and marketer. Hence his success when he came to the USA in November, 1964, when he purchased the failing Scientology Franchise in Dallas. His presence, selling and marketing skills, and technical prowess, immediately turned the area around and boomed Scientology in the city. He went on to buy Franchises from others who did not have his skills in a number of other cities. I have heard the figure was eventually around ten. Everything he touched, boomed.

He was indeed, eventually, the leading source of selected people up-lines to the Advanced Orgs. By one tally, I am told, the traffic he sent on to the AOs and Flag was more than all other Missions combined. (Franchises were converted to become “Missions of the Mother Church” in around 1970.)

Such was his success that Hubbard appointed him an honorary member of the Sea Org with the rank of Lieutenant.

Relationship with Ron[edit | edit source]

L. Hubbard and Mary Sue Hubbard had Alan's multiple Mission operations taken from him by deceit, according to the ESMB account "Alan", She says she witnessed a piece of paper on Ron's desk that showed LRH directing the US Guardian Office to place false report to the US IRS (tax authority) on Alan having criminally cheated on his taxes. Read the details of her claim below.


An excerpt:[edit | edit source]

“October, 1969.
“I was the messenger of bad news……LRH often shot the messenger!
“Whilst this was going on I was auditing staff execs – plus members of LRH’s Household Unit. LRH was the C/S. Which made it dangerous for these people to get their charge and withholds off.
“Also I began to have a relationship with a girl who worked in CIC……the top secret Central Information Center on board the ship. CIC was where all the secret missions, data, and programs were stored and where the world-wide stats were kept.
“Naturally I was privy to all the inside scoop…..anyway one day my girl friend was freaked out – she showed me a document in LRHs handwriting to C/S 1, Brian Livingston – ordering him to get GO Legal John Parcelle to inform the IRS that I owed back taxes – (which I did not) .
“This document devastated me – I could not confront the incredible betrayal.
“I knew then I was in trouble………so I managed to slip off the ship, we were still in Casablanca…….I went to a Hotel and made a call to Dallas – to my top Exec Susan Ballantine – later to become Susan Watson President of CC.
“She told me that every Org and every Mission had been informed that I had confessed to being a secret agent in the pay of business interests and that I was attempting to take over Scientology – it was this document that freaked John McMaster’s out.
“It also collapsed and crashed the stats of all my missions – for at that time I had 10 Missions: Dallas, Saint Louis, Boston, Cambridge, New Orleans, Atlanta, Kansas City, 500 West End in New York, La Jolla, and Beverly Hills, we had at one stage over a 1,000 students advanced paid to do the SHSBC.”

I recommend reading the whole of Alan’s posts on this thread as he opens up the truth in pieces as he also answers questions.

In actuality, Alan was the most thoroughly trained person in Scientology. He did the original version of the SHSBC twice with LRH personally running it (1961-’63 and a return ’63-’64) and, due to the various spurious ethics actions levelled against him he was caused to redo the later SHSBC Course that is today’s “wall of tapes” twice, plus redo the Class 8 Course and all Exec and Admin training (he was an FEBC grad). As he said to me: “I did the SHSBC four times!"

Alan also wrote at length about his training and executive experiences during the ‘60’s in this wonderful ESMB thread: Alan’s Pandora’s Box [[2]]

The thread was contributed to by many who were there with him, stellar names in the history of Scientology who now, sadly, have been written out of the record. For example, you’ll be able to read about who really developed “the Study Tech,” The “Grades,” BPC assessment tech, etc. See also:

Study Tech, the Berners, etc. ACW [[3]]

For those interested, the links below relate to materials many who worked closely with LRH either at St. Hill or aboard the Apollo who have contributed important information that validates LRH’s bent mind and predilection for deceit and virulence against imagined enemies.

LRH Psychosis on the Class 8 Course by Alan [[4]]

Face on LRH motives: [[5]]

This thread has posts by Bill Fanks former ED Int. and others about LRH deceit: [[6]]

Hubbard’s lie and perversion on O/Ws don’t cause blows . . . ARCX’s do. (Bill Franks) [[7]]

LRH “Affirmations” . . [[8]]

Eventually, Alan managed Hubbard’s betrayal of him and restored his “good standing” within the church. We were on NOTs together at the Flag Service Org in 1980-81.

Mission Holders Conference[edit | edit source]

In 1982 Alan and Bill Franks, the ED International, had teamed up to again boom the Mission Network. To that end they called together all of the Mission Holders in order to do a debug of what was crashing the Mission Network’s stats. And it was this meeting of Mission Holders that Miscavage and his “Int. Finance Police” stormed accusing all in attendance of being criminal and out ethics.

LRH himself was unreachable. I found this myself while doing a personal assignment for Diana and MSH. Even Diana could not directly reach her father, such was the situation at the time.

And it was at this point that the dreams and aspirations were trashed for many who had helped LRH build the Scientology enterprise into the force it had become at its highest. These good people who had built and boomed Scientology were falsely accused of the treason of trying to “take over Scientology,” and summarily declared SP.

Thus the “alternative” field was developed by those who still held true to the ideals they had come into Scientology to accomplish. (I was declared suppressive following refusal to accept perverted tech and deliberate lies in 1985.)

Alan's Aims[edit | edit source]

For Alan, the game was larger than that.

His motivation was somewhat larger than his own case and getting handled what he felt bugged him.

When I reconnected with him in 1994 and while discussing the history of where we had gotten to, he simply explained to me that, “When I was on the Briefing Course the first time, I simply made the postulate to solve every case in the universe.”

Yes, that was the magnitude of the man. The period 1961-’63 was a period of critical tech development and one wherein many stellar individuals contributed. It was here that Alan had run a rescue session on/for LRH to correct a screwed up GPM line-plot. It was here that the tech of By-Passed Charge handling was developed (by Alan), and such.

But after the ’82 blow-up of the Church and exodus of thousands of devoted Scientologists from the Miscavage mess, Alan knew there was something gravely in error or missing in the “Standard Tech” of Scientology.

And Alan spent the next decade going over every word of LRH writings and taped utterings to debug what had brought us to the state of affairs so many were so upset about.

Alan, as he always said, was lucky to have a “high energy level.” He worked 18 hours a day on his self-assigned project. The product of that is what we now know as Knowledgism. At one time he was calling it “Ascensionism,” and also “Paradigm Technology.”

I went to Dallas in ’94 to investigate and do a Doubt Formula on what he had produced. And as I was complimenting him on his accomplishment over lunch, he simply replied: “Well, we would not have it had it not been for LRH and Scientology. It gave us some right answers, but more importantly, it also gave us the wrong answers that had to be eliminated and corrected.”

Alan in front of the large versions of the Life and Skills Analysis Charts. They are based on "The Zones Technology" he developed. Shown is the Red Zone and Yellow Zone with the Green Zone above out of the picture.

I would say now in 2015, having all of the materials developed by Alan (and some of which I contributed to) that Alan fulfilled his promise to solve every case in the universe.

The tech he has made available corrects the errors that exist in Scientology along with completing and filling in all the holes and omitted tech points in it.

I did a write up in 1997 as a letter to help a friend, one of our stellar names, whose wife (also a stellar name) had asked me for help as my friend had gotten to the point that he felt he was a “Dog Case.” My write was eventually posted on ESMB here: On Knowledgism . . . [[9]]

The above is a simple entry level comparative. It does not reveal anything of the extent of the developed technical R/Ds of Knowledgism which corrects and completes all the advanced R/Ds of Scientology. Knowledgism addresses the Earlier Universes that were missed by LRH, the Games Matrix Tech which corrects the erroneous and abandoned Own Goals and GPM tech, and most importantly it corrects the erroneous handling of the spiritual connections we have with our partners in the game. Knowledgism also corrects and fills in the missing tech at the lower levels that are so necessary to be in place for handling the true upper level materials.

Alan's Death[edit | edit source]

Alan passed away in November, 2009, of esophageal and mouth cancer. He chain smoked low cost, flavored cigars at the rate of 15 per day. He told me the cigars helped him handle the pain he was constantly in that resulted from old sports injuries (pro football).

For those who might want to learn the details of the technology Alan is responsible for developing, I have created a forum for folks who want coaching in its application.

Roger E. Boswarva.

References[edit | edit source]

The following are articles of Alan's which appeared in IVy magazine:

Bypassed Charge Technology, History of: IVy 36, page 14 in Scientolipedia at [[10]]

The following are to be found at IVy archives [[11]] . The first number is the issue of IVy, the second number is the page number in that issue.

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Main site for Allen's work is: