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Welcome Roger211:55, October 14, 2015

Edit Needed

Currently the first paragraph reads...

Unfortunately, the history of L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology is not one of honoring and supporting its best and most productive peoples. Church doctrine says it is supposed to, but in actual practice history demonstrates that its best and brightest producers were routinely sabotaged by upper management and even LRH and his wife MSH. Indeed, today, one can learn of Hubbard’s original deceitful and destructive intent for the enterprise he created; this from his own writings and spoken words such as his “Affirmations” and personal correspondence.

This is a lot of opinion and the story does not contain a lot of fact to back this up. The language is rather charged for not containing facts.

I recommend deleting this paragraph as it doesn't contain the Neutral Point of View (NPV) of a wiki and also does not contain a single verifiable claim, but rather generalities.

The second paragraph reads like a one sided story.


L. Hubbard and Mary Sue Hubbard and had Alan's multiple Mission operations taken from him by deceit, according to the ESMB account "Alan" (Provide a link to the user's profile page on ESMB). She says she witnessed a piece of paper on Ron's desk that showed ... etc.

In a wiki, we cannot slander one side by assuming everything one source says is the absolute truth. Again, we present the accurate truths that we know from a Neutral Point of View (NPV).

Please review Wikipedia's definition of a NPV.

Bikoswartz (talk)03:10, May 27, 2017

The paragraph referred to is under the heading "Relationship with Ron". I note the one link to the ESMB apparently leads to a sort of front page. This does need looking into.I hope the Roger Boswarva is on the watch list for this!

I'd look into this further but I got an exam to pass on the seventh of June and a good deal of swotting to do for that. So if you want me to do something you have to wait. (I participated in posting this)

All best wishes, Ant(ony).

Antony A Phillips (talk)07:15, May 27, 2017

Thank you. I will probably go ahead with edits and leave it up to the original article writer to make more edits if my edit is not desired.

Bikoswartz (talk)20:04, May 28, 2017

Welcome Roger

Thanks for creating this page and sharing your information.

Dl88008 (talk)15:44, October 13, 2015

I agree!

Antony A Phillips (talk)11:55, October 14, 2015

I agree!

Antony A Phillips (talk)11:55, October 14, 2015