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Scientology Meters (e-meters) are used by trained counselors, (auditors), to help find and relieve areas of case, or "charge", which clients, (preclears or "pc's" for short) would not be able to locate themselves without its help.

meters[edit | edit source]

"The first moving-pointer current-detecting device was the galvanometer in 1820. These were used to measure resistance and voltage by using a Wheatstone bridge, and comparing the unknown quantity to a reference voltage or resistance. While useful in the lab, the devices were very slow and impractical in the field. These galvanometers were bulky and delicate." [1]

L Ron Hubbard did not invent the e-meter but his genius was in the fact he recognized its potential for aiding a Dianetic or Scientology counselor to precisely identify areas of mental or spiritual trauma.

Like the great entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Hubbard took an existing technology, and with a vision for a new application of that technology, created a new paradigm from it.

Probably the most misunderstood, maligned and mis-characterized aspect of Scientology is the e-meter. It has become a focal point of attack against the subject out of fear, ignorance and malice.

The E-meter is a rather simple device working on a simple premise i.e. mental mass adds density to the human body, it produces a change in the resistance to a small current passing through the body which can be detected by the e-meter and represented in the e-meter's readings.

The Church of Scientology's decades long misbehavior has done much to exacerbate the confusion surrounding the meter and thereby defeated clear understanding of the subject.

In spite of the CoS's ineptitude at being a worthy ambassador for the subject and practice of Scientology, many of us outside the corporate church use the e-meter as it was intended - to help people discover themselves in very profound and life-altering ways.

An e-meter in the hands of a skilled counselor is a beautiful tool for self exploration and self improvement. If you doubt this statement, avail yourself of the opportunity to try one yourself.

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mechanical meters[edit | edit source]

Meters that are currently in use by the church and Field practitioners are listed here. (for more info on the history of meters go here

MK V[edit | edit source]

MK 5 E-Meter - available on Ebay - click image

The Mk V e-meter has been a work-horse of Scientology auditing for over four decades. It delivers reliable performance and is especially well suited for new auditors and lower Bridge PC's.

MK VI[edit | edit source]

MK 6 E-Meter - available on Ebay - click image

The Mk VI emeter was introduce in the early 1980's and represents improved sensitivity and needle response as well as built-in functions such as tone-arm counter, longer battery life and sleeker design.

MK VII[edit | edit source]

The MK VII meter came out in the late 1980's and was yet another upgrade to sensitivity, battery life and other features such as digital tone arm counter, date/time readout and other packaging upgrades such as improved electrodes (cans), connectors and carry case.

It should be noted that from the release of the Mark VII onward, the driving consideration behind new versions of church meters was marketing and revenue driven rather than performance. Many would argue that as far as analogue meters are concerned, the MK V or VI perform sufficiently to accomplish the goals of auditing.

The Mk VII, Mark VII Quantum, and Mark VIII have improved sensitivity but fall short of the overall benefits of a digital meter such as the Theta Meter.

Quantum[edit | edit source]

The MK VII Quantum features...

Same as the Mk VII with better packaging and improved sensitivity adjustment and control capability.

MK 7 Quantum E-Meter - available on Ebay - click image

Mark VIII[edit | edit source]

Mark VIII E-Meter - available on Ebay (maybe) - click image

The Mark VIII was released for sale to the Scientology public in 2014. It was manufactured in 2002 and had been sitting in a warehouse since 2004. This "new" technological improvement costs parishioners $5000 and is mandatory for the latest auditor training in the church. (GAT II)

Clarity analog[edit | edit source]

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digital meters[edit | edit source]

Theta Meter[edit | edit source]

The Theta-Meter is a valuable tool for practitioners in the clearing field. It has all the features many other expensive models offer - but at an affordable price.

Theta-Meter is the only one e-meter that works with all popular operating systems: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS.

Theta-Meter connected to iPad Pro

It is easy to use and simple to install. It's program is customizable for both variations in technical application or personal taste.

The two most prominent features of the Theta-Meter and it's software program have to be the automatic feature - allowing for handsfree use (on both standard and circular needle/dial setting options). Plus the built in graph allowing you to track reads which may have been missed. Another great feature is the ability to record sessions for possible reference in the future.

I use my Theta-Meter everyday in both solo and co-audit capacities. It is a breeze to use. I highly recommend it to anyone in the field needing a GSR/bio-feedback device. Five stars all around - great product, perfect price, and support from the retailer are an unmatched combo!

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iMeter[edit | edit source]


Modern technologies finally come into life of Scientology followers.

Having perfect technology of life management and mind understanding, we should also possess perfect technical means, making auditing as comfortable as possible.

iMeter is a wireless e-meter, which works with desktops, notebooks, tablets or smartphones over wireless bluetooth connection and if needed over USB cable.

iMeter is built-in in solo can, so for solo auditing you don't need anything except for solo can with the built-in iMeter and your favorite mobile device, notebook or desktop computer.

Thus solo auditing can be done in absolutely any place and under any conditions. No cables and falling off connectors can disturb you any more.

More info on

Psychemeter[edit | edit source]


The Psyche Meter is a computerized meter designed to measure and display changes in body resistance. A live human body has a varying chemical/electrical resistance which the Psyche Meter can detect. Such variation in body resistance is affected by one's emotional circumstances and mental state. The Psyche Meter makes it possible to monitor and determine changes in resistance. Reading the variance in resistance between topics is extremely valuable in discerning what to focus on first and when to end off one topic before starting the next. The Psyche Meter's clarity and computer age precision makes it easy to learn and use. It is the most advanced tool of its kind on the market today.

clarity Digital[edit | edit source]

Clarity Meter

For 15 years, Clarity Meters have been the standard of quality and reliability in Clearing biomonitors. Now, the PC-based Virtual Clarity Meter is available!

  • Designed for ease of use!
  • Super sensitive!
  • Automatic resetting (or reset on demand) does not require manual resetting to compensate for changes in baseline range. function.
  • Both digital and analog readabilty!
  • Works on Macs with Intel processors utilizing VM Fusion or Parallels software.

Finger Pressure Meter[edit | edit source]

Finger Pressure Meter

Finger Pressure Meter is an inexpensive E-meter-alike application which uses 3D Touch capability of iPhone. Very limited, because can be run only on smartphones that have 3D Touch capability which are iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus as by 17-July-2017.

meter comparison chart[edit | edit source]

Model Mechanical* Digital* Windows IOS Android Remote TA Country Retail
MK V X US $249**
MK VI X US $389**
MK VII X X US $426**
Quantum X X US $429**
Mark VIII X X US $5000***
iMeter X X MacOSX X RU $400
Theta Meter X X X X RU $400
Psychemeter X X US $799
Clarity Analog X US $1297
Clarity Windows X X US $497
Finger Pressure Meter X X WW $5

* Refers to the needle as a mechanical, physical device or a software, image based device. (mechanical meters have digital features such as readout or needle controllers)

** Price reflects after-market retail prices for Church of Scientology meters. e.g. New Quantums purchased from the CoS are $3500.

*** Currently available only through the CoS

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references[edit | edit source]

Theta Meter Demo - Android program for USB Theta-Meter
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